New Toys!

I love getting the cats new toys. All cats are different so I think it takes a while to work out what your cats will want and even then you can buy them something thinking they’ll love it and they totally ignore it. I got these new toys from and they’re great because they give a percentage of their profits to cat rescues around the UK.

I wanted to take lots of action photos but Pixie and Arty were moving so fast it was impossible! They all looked like this!


In the end I had to settle for photographing them before and after their crazy pouncing.
Da Kitty Bopper

Da Dragonflier



Oscar still isn’t sure about toys. He’s happier with a bit of paper. He gets a bit scared around wand toys and much prefers the simpler things in life.

What do your cats like playing with?

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  1. That website is really good and your cats look like they are enjoying themselves. I have a dog who always rips up my cats toys as soon as he can get his hands on them but I don’t really buy that many toys for my cat. I do want to get him a scratching post though so I think I may get him one for Christmas.

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