Five Years!!

So this week marks five years since I started Doodlecats. It’s amazing how much has changed in all those years. It all started out with a few little stick drawings of cats which have developed over the years. As you can see, they’re quite different to what I draw now. It’s not been all been …


Shop Update

We’ve got some new goodies in the shop The I Love Black Cats image was so popular, we just had to make it into a badge and a magnet. We also had a few others made up and they’re all super cute. You can get the magnets here and the badges here.

Your Cat Magazine

Notice anyone familiar in this month’s Your Cat Magazine? They were kind enough to feature Doodlecats this month – how exciting! I love this magazine, I’m always keen to get to the shopping pages to see what cat goodies I’ve not already got!

Feline Fun!!

Our brand new range is here! The design include three little cats and some of the things they love on a funky blue background. There’s a lot to choose from, including notebooks, pens, pencil cases and sticky notes. Head over to the shop to see more.

NEW!! Rubber Stamps

We’re really excited to announce these new mini-rubber stamps are now in the shop! Each stamp is an inch wide/long and is mounted on an acrylic block. The stamps are available as a set or individually. Head on over to the shop to get yours.


This cat was tricky! Doodlecats heads are ovals so when side on, it loses something and doesn’t look right. I started drawing from a reference photo of a cat leaping but then I had to go back and change things to make it more Doodlecatty.


I’m playing around with cat drawings, trying to make the cats do more. It’s hard because sometimes the Doodlecatsness gets lost in the detail so I have to work out how to find a balance between getting the cat right but also keeping the Doodlecats style.