Cat Plants

The cat plant could be considered to be the cuckoo of the plant world. They care not for the plants whose pots they steal as they curl up and establish themselves and the new occupant. For those who consider the cat plant to be a weed, the only deterrent is the watering can. Have you …


Helpful Molly

Me: Molly, what are you doing? Molly: Helping you make the bed! Me: You’re not being very helpful though. Molly: Yes I am! I’ve watched Pixie help over the years and I’m just doing what she does. Me: Pixie isn’t exactly helpful either. Molly: You humans really don’t appreciate how much us cats help you! …


Christmas Artemis

Me: Arty, look Christmassy! Arty: How do I do that?! Me: I don’t know, think Christmassy thoughts. Arty: I’ll look Christmassy if you give me food. Me: You don’t need more food. Arty: What about this tree, is this food? Me: No, do NOT eat that. Arty: But… Me: Arty NO! *grabs tree*