Night Hugs


The cats don’t wake me up in the night because they want food, just hugs grin emoticon Pixie can be very insistent though and I have spiky marks on my face where she didn’t think I was cuddling her enough in the the night.

Cushion Covers


I am so excited about the new product I’ve introduced to the shop. I have been wanting to do cushions for a long time but only just got round to it this year. Hopefully it’s the first of many designs I have printed on cushions, I have lots of ideas.

Head over to the shop to get yours!


Arty, the Not-So-Lazy-Cat


– Hey Arty, it’s a nice surprise having you here helping me work.
- I’m keeping an eye on you, making sure you’re not telling lies about me.
– Why would I lie about you?
- I’ve seen what you put on the internet, that I’m lazy and don’t do any work.
– Well you are and you don’t!
- I do!
– What have you done so far today?
- I’ve been in bed, working on very important ideas.
– Oh right, what have you come up with?
- Nothing yet, you keep interrupting my thinking process.
– Hmmmmm.

Vet time


– Why are you grumpy Pix?
- You know why.
– Pixie, I had to take you to the vets, it’s for your own good.
- I don’t feel good. I had to go in a carrier, I saw a dog and I got prodded by a vet.
– It’s all for the best, I promise.
- I demand tuna and treats.
– The vet says you have to eat dry food.
- WHAT? Could this day get worse?