Molly Day!


A year ago today, a week after we met her, we brought Molly home with us.

Molly came from Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary. The week between first meeting her and bringing her home seemed like the longest ever! I was *so* excited.

It barely took her a minute to make herself at home and start exploring. We started introducting her to Pixie and Arty slowly but it was soon clear that they thought she was ok and was running about with them within a few days. Pixie took a little longer to warm up to her than Arty but now they are always up to no good together, exploring outside and sunbathing on the patio.

She was pretty small when we adopted her but she hasn’t really grown that much. She is only just bigger than Pixie (who is a teeny tiny cat) and I don’t think she’ll be growing any more.

I can’t talk about Molly’s first year without mentioning that dreaded 5 days when she was missing after getting stuck in a neighbour’s attic. It was such an awful time and we feared for the worse. It turns out she was just on the other side of our wall, stuck in some loft space. I’ve never been so happy to see her as I was when we finally found her. Thankfully she has learnt her lesson and not got lost since.

Molly is such a mischief cat. She will climb anything and everything. I’m amazed our curtains are all still intact. She’s also pretty clumsy so if we hear a crash, it’s usually her.

She loves her hugs, especially in the evenings when she likes to sprawl across Daz and I as we watch TV. She’s so cute and adorable.

We love this little cat so much, adopting her was one of the best things we’ve ever done.








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