Happy Adoptaversary Pixie!!

5 years ago today this tiny, grubby little kitten came into my life and changed it more than I could have ever dreamed of.
She was in quite a state after being kept in a rabbit hutch with her brothers and sisters and another litter of kittens, away from her mum. Many of them didn’t make it but luckily for me, she did. After a bath, lots of love and attention, it didn’t take her long to settle in and take over my life. (More of her kitten pics here).

Pixie brightened up my world and gave me something to live for during a tough time in my life. Her kitten antics made me smile every day and I was totally in love with her from day one. I had never had a cat before and had no idea what I was letting myself in for. She was the best decision I ever made!

If it weren’t for Pixie I wouldn’t have got a new camera to take lots of photos of her. I wouldn’t have got into photography and met Daz on Flickr or applied for uni and moved to Bristol. I wouldn’t have turned into a completely crazy cat lady and I wouldn’t have known how wonderful life with cats can be.

I love her so much!!


  1. Wish there were mor crazy cat people out there. They so deserve to live a happy and healthy life with lots of love such as Pixie is….I’ve been around cats since I was born and I couldn’t amagine life without them….Happy Adoptaversary to the both of you…Maybe you should git Pixie a fur friend for a gift 🙂

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