Happy Adoptaversary Oscar!!

We have been trying to decide on a day each year to celebrate Oscar coming into our lives because we don’t know when his birthday is. He came into our lives gradually. For months we just saw him around the neighbourhood, sleeping in gardens and running away if we approached him.

It was over a year ago that he started coming into our garden. It was a very snowy cold time and it broke my heart to see him sleeping outside in the snow. It was obvious he had no home so I put hot food out for him. I spent ages outside in the cold talking to him, trying to gain his trust.

He was so shy and scared, so different to the cat we know today

As time went on, he became more relaxed around Daz and I

So why did we choose today? Well it’s a year since he was neutered. That might seem like a strange date to choose but it was also the day that changed everything. Despite us humans getting on well with Oscar he was not getting on with our cats. Being an un-neutered tom cat he was aggressive and fought with both Pixie and Arty. I was beginning to think that we might have to rehome him (at which point many tears were shed). I decided to get in touch with the Cats Protection and they offered to neuter Oscar. I can’t thank them enough because it really made such a difference and Oscar no longer wanted to fight with every cat he met. We were over the moon.

For a long time all he would play with was scrunched up paper.

It was months before he ventured inside the house. For so long I would take his meals outside and he slept in a shelter we made for him. One very rainy day in the summer I opened the back door and Oscar ran inside. He hasn’t left since! He has become much more confident and has settled in so well with our family. We love him so much! I hate to think of all the time he spent as a stray, with no one to love him but we’re making up for that now and he’s one of the most loved cats in the world.

He’s well and truely a house cat now!


  1. That actually bought a little tear to my eye, lucky Oscar for finding you and Daz and for you finding Oscar, he is a very handsome boy.

  2. Happy 1st to Oscar!
    I often look at mine and wonder what they had to go through before coming to Germany. They were so skinny and scared when they arrived. I now love them more than I thought I could love anything. And when I take them to the vet my mantra is: It must be better than their life as strays in Spain!
    Lucky Oscar! And lucky you

  3. Way to go, Betty! Have 5 cats myself and understand it perfectly. All of them recovered strays, sometimes a nuisance, every other time just purrrfect!
    Being as I am a cat lover, Ineed to say that I just love your drawings .
    Have you thought about making plastic document cases? You know, those ones you carry your documents inside. I’m searchng for one that ‘s satisfying (I am also a storyteller, I read poetry and I need one of those to publicly read from; might as well HAVE CATS ON THE OUTSIDE!). Please let me know of something on those lines that you have or know of. Bye. José, Lisboa, Portugal

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