Crochet Cat Ears


When I redye my hair, my hairline always looks awful for a few days because my scalp is as pink as my hair. I thought I’d make a hairband to conceal it until the dye has washed out of my skin. Being me, I’m totally incapable of making something that isn’t cat related so I put ears on it. It was so difficult taking photos – winter sun makes me squint so much (and Arty)!



  1. Great! 😀 What a lovely sunny day, Arty’s really enjoying it.

    I wonder if using some vaseline on your skin before doing your hair would protect it? Not absolutely sure that it wouldn’t affect your hair though. :S

  2. Daisy, they’re super quick to make, I’m sure you could do it with your crafty skills! Kit all the kids out with ears, they’d look fab.

    Jacky, I do use something similar to vaseline and it works on my skin round the edge my face but where I dye my roots it stains the skin, however much I try and not get it on my scalp!

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