Happy Caturday! It’s finally sunny here, the cats were so fed up with being stuck indoors due to the rain. Daz and I are off to Devon to see my family, I hope it stays sunny!

Daz works from home and Arty loves to ‘help’. The moment Daz gets up to make a cup of coffee, Arty always steals his seat! It’s pretty difficult to get him to give up the seat once he’s there.

Oscar has been learning to play a lot more this week. When he first moved in he was scared of toys. This week he’s been playing with a feather on a string and a ribbon, enjoying both immensely. A scrunched up piece of paper still remains his favourite!

Pixie didn’t want he photo taken this morning, she was too busy running off on her latest adventure. Next Caturday will be her 5th birthday!!

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