Cat House!

I’ve always dreamed of having the ultimate cat house with walkways, tunnels, giant scratching posts and lots of space and fun for cats. I was browsing through Your Cat Magazine and came across some wonderful cat houses. I think I would like something more rustic, modern isn’t really my thing but the concept is spot-on. I can just imagine Pixie, Arty and Oscar wandering about above our heads, lounging on platforms and climbing about on steps all over the wall.

Here are some pictures from ‘The Cat House’ which is home to 16 cats. You can see more pictures here. It cost £250,000 and it looks like a dream house for cats (not sure where the people fit in though). I love how the Japanese go to so much effort for their cats. We live in a tiny flat at the moment but when we move we are definitely going to be installing some walkways for the cats.




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  1. And here I thought my hubby qualified for “Crazy Cat Hubby” when he built an outdoor enclosure for our cats…..
    A whole house – how much better could live get?

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