Pokemon Cats

I’ve been playing a lot of Pokemon Go so it was only natural that I started drawing Pokemon… as cats (of course). Here are the ones I’ve drawn so far but I am sure there will be many more as they are so much fun! It’s super easy to catch a Cat Pokemon, just put …


Cats of Anarchy

I’ve just started watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix (I know, I’m late to the party!) and every time I see the logo all I can think of is a cat version – so I had to draw it. You can now get it on t-shirts and hoodies etc, yey! Head over to the Doodlecats …



I’m playing around with cat drawings, trying to make the cats do more. It’s hard because sometimes the Doodlecatsness gets lost in the detail so I have to work out how to find a balance between getting the cat right but also keeping the Doodlecats style.