Your Cat Magazine

I’m in the March issue of Your Cat magazine! It should be hitting the shops in the next few days so look out for it. It’s got a super cute black and white kitty on the cover.

Before I got Pixie I was in a very low place in my life and the way she helped me to turn my life around is just incredible. I shared my story with Cats Protection and they asked if they could give it to the magazine. Mental health isn’t something that is easy to discuss but it should be. So many suffer at some point in their lives and if more people feel they can share their stories then maybe it will help other people going through similar things.




  1. Well done Beth. I’ve suffered from depression on and off for 25 years and know how much animals can help. Good luck to you, you’re a lovely person. 🙂 xxx

  2. This is awesome beth(: Its great that you told your story, I wish they sold that magazine here): And its so true, whenever I come home and im feeling down, my cats do something to brighten up my day.

    have an awesome friday!


  3. Hi Beth, I’m the other person featured in this article. Thanks for adding the scan – it’s really hard to get a copy of the magazine round here so I’m waiting (impatiently) for one to turn up in the post. Glad to hear Pixie is being as good for you as Timothy is for me!

    • Hey Jacqui! So glad to read how you kitty has helped you! The Cats Protection offered to post me a free copy so maybe you could ask them, or Your Cat Magazine who sent me mine. I can scan in the whole article and email you if you’d like.

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