Why Cats Paint

I was browsing the library at university today, looking for inspiration for my dissertation. I didn’t find any but I did find this book Why Cats Paint: A Theory of Feline Aesthetics

It’s presented as a serious book on art by cats but it had me in stitches! The photographs are wonderful and some of the serious captions made me laugh even more. It certainly brightened up my day.


Buster’s representation of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers is a good example of invertism…..


Smokey puts the finishing touches to Manic Marigolds #17

Why Cats Paint: A Theory of Feline Aesthetics is only 1p on Amazon second-hand and it’s worth it for the photos. Maybe one day I might actually read the words.

What do you think? Is your cat the next Picasso?


  1. wow i love these photos of cats painting! they made me want to read he book!
    Maybe i will put some paint and a canvas for my cats to paint:p

    Have a lovely day Beth!

    your post made me smile, thank you!

    Carmila Ponycat

  2. Hi there Beth!!!
    I think that your website is lovely!! I keep telling my mom that she should try to have her tuxedo cat Baby paint. I think that he would be wonderful at it like your wonderful cats. Thank you very much for sharing your awe inspiring world.
    Amanda Cummings

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