Who am I?

I thought I’d let you all know a bit more about me as lots of you are new here 😀
I’m Beth, I’m 35 and live with my husband and three cats in a small town in North Somerset, UK.

Pixie (the cat in the photo with me) is my first cat, she’s 11 now and it’s just coming up to her adoptaversary. I had never been around cats before, I used to be a dog person! I got ill in my early twenties and realised I wasn’t able to get a dog so decided to get a cat instead. The moment Pixie entered my life was the moment I became totally in love with and obsessed with cats.

I have always been arty but didn’t draw much once I left school. Six years ago, whilst doing a degree in photography and working on jewellery, I started doodling cats and all of a sudden Doodlecats was born.
My style has developed over the years as I have learnt more and more about drawing and what I want to create. Lots of you have been with me since the beginning and I appreciate each and everyone of you. Your support is what keeps Doodlecats going.

If there’s anything else you want to know about me, ask away!

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