Whisker Box Review


The kind people at The Whisker Box sent us a box to review. It’s a monthly subscription box for cats.

Arty was pretty excited when he heard me opening the box so he must have known it had food in it! He, in typical cat fashion, jumped straight into the box as soon as I had taken the goodies out of it.

The first thing to get his attention was the Skelton Crisp Toy – a fabric stick filled with catnip and crinkly stuff. All our cats are mad about catnip so anything with it in is popular in our house.

There were two things in the box for the cats to wear. The lion hat is the cutest thing ever *but* the cats did not like it. Anything that covers their ears seems to upset them so I managed a very quick snap of Arty in it and that’s it. I didn’t want to upset any of them by making them wear what they didn’t want to.

The bowtie was a hit though. it has an elastic loop on it so you can attach it to a collar (we used a safety collar) so the cats barely noticed wearing it and Arty looked SO handsome!

As soon as Pixie hear the rattle of these treats she came running and they all really liked them. You can’t really go wrong with cat treats.

The catnip stick was also Pixie’s favourite.

Molly was more interested in what’s in the tin. I shall give this to them for their dinner tonight.
Molly also really loved the Birbit toy which is made from fur and feathers. I heard it being batted around the house in the middle of the night so that’s a hit for sure!

I was pleased to find some sweets for me too 😀

Overall I think it was a pretty fun box of goodies. I am wary of stuff like the lion hat because it’s not something many cats would enjoy wearing, especially as it covers their ears. Cats do look super cute in things like this but it’s not fair to put it on them when they don’t like it. Wearables like the bow tie are much more fun. Any cat used to wearing a collar wouldn’t even realise they were wearing it and it’s super cute. The toys and treats were fab too and the cats love all these kinds of things. The quality of everything was lovely and it was beautifully packaged.

The Whisker Box is based in Canada and ships free to Canada and the USA. International shipping is $15 so adds a fair amount to the price of the boxes. For more information head over to their website. www.thewhiskerbox.com

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