The Lady with 700 Cats


There are some great cat people out there, then there are people like Lynea who are in a whole different league! Lynea is founder of The Cat House on the Kings which is an incredible no-kill, no-cage rescue centre in California.

I first heard of The Cat House on the Kings when we came across a documentary on National Geographic called The Lady with 700 Cats. I was expecting it to be about some crazy woman hoarding cats but how wrong I was. It was incredible to watch. Lynea, with a wonderful team of cat people, run the most amazing rescue. They take on the ‘unadoptables’ so they can live out their lives somewhere safe and happy. The rehome cats too and spay and neuter hundreds of cats every year. They truly do amazing work.

A rescue centre like this is my dream. I’d love to be able do something like this for the cats of the UK, maybe one day I will (a lottery win would be helpful!)

Lots of the cats at Cat House on the Kings need sponsoring so if you have any money spare they could really do with the help! Donations


  1. I just discovered you and your doodle cats recently while playing around on Facebook. You’re doodle cats are some of the cutest cats I’ve seen. I “googled” you today and found your website. I was so surprised to see your drawing of “The Lady with 700 Cats.” I have been a fan of Cat House on the Kings for a while. I think Lynea is absolutely awesome. Thanks for sharing her story on your website!! I too, would love to be able to do something like that here in Kansas City, Missouri, but it would also require me a lottery win.

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