Christmas Cat Tees

Christmas is almost here I thought it would be fun if Daz and I had our very own special Christmas cat t-shirts to wear on Christmas day. These were printed by my fantastic friends at Awesome Merchandise. I’m not sure why Daz isn’t as enthusiastic about matching tees as I am?! 😀

Happy Birthday Daz!!

It’s Daz’s birthday! Happy Birthday Daz!!!! RCTees sent him this super awesome t-shirt 😀 You can get yours here I got Daz this super funny book, we’ve had a good laugh reading through it this morning 😀 Perfect for cat guys 😀 Available from Amazon

Catification in progress

We’ve lived here for a few months now and we’re finally getting round to sorting out shelves for the cats. Stage one is putting the wine boxes on the wall in the living room. These are wooden wine boxes that I got from the market I used to have a stall at. Lots of wine …


Happy Birthday Daz!!

It’s Daz‘s birthday, the big 30! Check out the awesome T-shirt I got him, it’s from RCTEES on Etsy. We tried to get some photos of Daz holding the cats but they were too excited about the packet of Dreamies in his pocket that they didn’t want to stay still.