Purrfect Box – Review


The lovely folks at Purrfect Box sent us one of their monthly boxes of cat goodies. Molly was very enthusiastic and had her head stuck in within moments of me opening it for them. The box contains a great selection of treats and toys for the kitties.

It’s always fun opening parcels, even when the parcels are for the cats not me. It’s even more fun when you don’t know what you’re going to get.

Full details of all the items are on the Purrfect site

The toys are a winner because they have feathers on them and Molly *loves* feathers. Arty played with the one on the spring too. I have to make it wobble and then they bop it about. It’s much fun. I’m pretty sure I heard the ball with the feather on begin chucked around the hall way in the middle of the night by one of the little cats who should have been asleep 😀

It’s great to have some treats included that Pixie can eat. The fishy treats don’t contain any grains (which most treats do) so Pixie was super happy to gobble them up. Molly and Arty said the others are yummy too.

We’ve had the vitamin paste before and they all love it, we give them some as a bed time treat and they all gather round for it, eager to get theirs. It’s super cute!

The only thing we probably won’t use is the litter scoop with bags. We use a flushable litter and have a scoop that works well with it. Fret not, it won’t be wasted, I’ll give it to my local rescue. I would have preferred something more fun for the cats rather than such a functional item but I expect other people would appreciate it.


If you want to try Purrfect Boxes then head over to their site now – they have 50% off first boxes!!!

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