Final pattern

I really love creating patterns. I hope to make wrapping paper one day but it’s a huge investment that might have to wait for a while. Until then I’m going to use the patterns I create on cards, notebooks, journals etc.

I started off drawing some kitties in Illustrator. I wanted the lines to be finer than in my usual work. Lots of dark lines can make a bright pattern seem darker than I would like it to.
Illustrator Doodles

Then I wanted to create something more colourful so I used one of the cat drawings, started a simple pattern and then changed the colours so they were all different
Colouring kitties

I liked it on white but it’s not a practical colour for things that get a lot of use like notebooks as the white starts to look grubby. Plain blue looked nice but I was even happier when I added the subtle spots.


  1. Sharon, you took the words out of my mouth – exactly what I was thinking – it would make beautiful fabric, as would a lot of your artwork! Love it!

  2. I would most definitely buy fabric like this. I can see cute catty quilts made out of different colours with plain & polka dot complementary fabrics. :o)

    • I’d love to work with a fabric company one day. A the moment I’ve only used Spoonflower for fabric which is expensive and far away!

      • never heard of spoonflower off to google it and see what I can find 🙂 You should approach a fabric house with your designs they can only say no and there is more than one out there. Good luck with it Beth whatever you decide to do 🙂 x

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