Missing Molly


Last night concluded the longest five days of our lives! On Saturday afternoon we noticed Molly was missing. We’d only seen her ten minutes before but we couldn’t find her anywhere. We searched for five days. We knocked on neighbours doors, asking them to check sheds and garages. We put up posters all around the area and posted three hundred leaflets through letter boxes. Lots of kind people helped, many phoned up to say they thought they had seen her. We went out at dawn, dusk, daytime and even in the middle of the night. It was heartbreaking, especially after getting our hopes up only to find all the sightings were of another cat, Jeremy.

Yesterday (Thursday) afternoon I heard a meow whilst I was in bed. It was Pixie but even though I know it’s Pixie meowing I always go outside just to check. It was Pixie, she was carrying her dinosaur toy around. I had a little walk around the garden and suddenly heard a noise. It sounded like a meow and it was coming from the roof! I thought Molly must be stuck under the neighbour’s solar panels so I grabbed a ladder and made my way up there. I couldn’t see her anywhere but I could hear her. It sounded like she was under the tiles! I rang Daz who rushed home from work and we tried to work out where she was and how to get to her. I ran out to go and see the owners of the house but they weren’t there. Some other neighbours saw me in a panicked state and rushed over to help. We went into our attic to make sure she wasn’t there and spent more time on the roof. They even took tiles off trying to get to her. In the end we realised that there was nothing we could do until our neighbours got home. Unfortunately they weren’t due home till ten o’clock, five hours away! It was the longest wait ever. The moment they drove into their drive we went round. There was a hatch in the wall into the roof space. Molly was reluctant to come out with the neighbour there but when she saw me she ran over and rubbed herself on my hand. I scooped her up and we got her home.

up a ladder
The most helpful neighbours ever!

I wish we had heard her sooner, I don’t know why she stayed so quiet for so long. I spent hours sat outside listening for a meow.

She was so hungry when we got her home. We’ve been giving her lots of little meals so she doesn’t get sick from eating too much. She looks a bit thin but apart from that she is fine. She is so happy to see us and spent the night purring, licking us and being cuddly. We are so very very happy to have her back.

Thank you to everyone who helped look, shared posts, retweeted etc., and offered emotional support during a scary time.



  1. Thank God! I have been so worried for you, Beth and hoping I would not miss any updates. So pleased Molly is safe and that you heard her. Hugs and kisses to you all <3

  2. So very pleased to hear Molly has been found safe. We just need all the other lost puss cats to be found. Xx

  3. This has made me tear up, I’m so glad there was a happy ending. Molly is part of your family and she fits in so well, and it sounds like she’s beyond happy to be back with you as you are to have her back. We love the Doodle cats here, and I kept hoping and hoping Molly would find her way back to you. How nice your bright ours were so helpful too. Sorry for getting so emotional, it’s just so lovely to see such love betwen people and their cats.

  4. Glad it’s a happy ending!! Take her for a vet check as 5 days is not fun for cat’s health if she was sitting there all that time.
    As for her not meowing, yes, I noticed it with our cats. One day one of the cats have fallen down from the fence to the neighbours’s yard and could not move his legs. He said “meow” only on the next day even though I screamed for him all that time. (We made a cat proof fence after that. We learned to walk again, all good now.)
    So it might be good to do a vet check afterwards.
    xx Natalie

  5. So pleased it has turned out ok. I thought about you a lot and my husband and I followed Molly’s adventures with bated breath. Hopefully she has learned her lesson, but young cats are very inquisitive. Sorry we did not live nearer to be able to help you. But alls well that ends well!

  6. My cat was missing for 2days after a scrap with one of our dogs. I was frantic!! I can only imagine how you felt after 5 days

  7. I am so glad you found her.We lost our Dexy Cat for 3 days when he was about 6 months old. Someone dident shut the door properly and he ahd never been out before! It was the longest three days of my life. He was due to be chiped the next week along with his nutering opp so we had no hope of him being found and returned.We did what you did and put posters up etc , someone rang to say they had seen him so we got him back. My heart went out to you when you lost Molly as I knew what you were going through. Good news bless her she is sutch a darling. x x

  8. So happy that u found her and she’s safe at last. It is great news and so pleased she is alright and receiving lots,of hugs 🙂

  9. I commented on FB and I’ll comment here because I am just so happy and relieved, as you are! I am so very glad! Hoorayyyyyy!

  10. What a story! I wondered how you found her;over the moon that you did. So happy for you. Can you figure out how she got there? Extra cuddles I’m sure. Love them, but boy they can scare you sometimes. Take care. Belinda x

  11. So teary right now but happy tears!
    Happiest ending ever Beth.
    My heart really was hurting for you as I am a cat lover too …. Two of my own now. Zelda and Shelby !
    Hugs to all !
    Fast recovery to sweet Molly 🙂

  12. I am so glad you found her! I am 5 hours behind you and was waiting anxiously for updates. Thank you for letting us know how you found her. Maybe it was Pixie who she heard?

  13. I am so pleased you have been reunited , every day seems like a year when you have a missing love one .

  14. I was so pleased to read your post last night that you’d found Molly, I’m getting a lump in my throat reading how you found her. So glad she’s safe, she sounds very pleased to be home, little Munchkin!!! xxx

  15. Beth, I am truly relieved for you and so happy you found her! It must have been a terrible time. I am so amazed at how diligent you were at finding her. Great job, GF! How nice it must have been to have worldwide support on such a personal matter! Thank you for sharing it with us. Best wishes, Barb

  16. Hi Beth-so very happy that you got Molly back and that in the end everything turned out to be allright!It sure must have been an awful time for you and Daz!

  17. Thanks life for letting you find her! Like I commented; get them a GPS chip… I haven’t cuz here in Mexico they’re not so easy to get…

  18. My Gonzo looks exactly like Molly, except she has only one eye. She had to have left one removed because of damage to it at birth. I rescued her in the rain when she was born, but thought she was a he .Lol. Therefore her name doesn’t sound like a girl’s. This cat is my baby and would be lost without her so I know how you felt when she went missing. Am so glad she is home safely.

  19. Oh! What a frightening time that must have been for you, let alone for Molly! I’m so happy to read that it worked out so well! (Yeah, this isn’t really new news.) >^.^<

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