I was looking through my old photos on Flickr and came across some of Arty and Pixie when they were tiny. They’re too cute not to share!

Pixie will be 5 on September 3rd (we don’t know the exact date so chose one that was around the right time). Last year we got her a super comfy bed that she loves, I wonder what we should get her this year?

This is Pixie at about 6-7 weeks old. I had just got her. She was still grubby and smelly after being kept in a rabbit hutch with ten other kittens by a horrible woman. It didn’t take her long to realise life was better with me, even if I did make her have a bath!

I could have spent forever watching her sleep. From the moment she came into my life I was totally in love and who wouldn’t be, look at those cute little feet!
Sleepy Pixie

She was always making a mess of my yarn but was instantly forgiven. It’s impossible to be mad at her!

This was her first Christmas at almost four months old. We had a great time playing with tinsel.
Christmas Pixie

Later in the week I’ll post Arty’s baby photos, it’s hard to imagine he was ever tiny now he’s such a big lump!

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