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I got my phone upgraded today yey! From an iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4S – so happy about how much better the camera is! So a new phone means I need a new phone case, here’s a few that I’ve found. I can’t decide!

I have looked into getting one custom-made with my Doodlecats on but they’re very expensive. I drop my phone a lot so I don’t really want to spend £20-30 on something that’s just going to get scratched.

I love this, it’s really cute, but I think it would be too bulky. I can’t see that fitting in my pocket!
Black Cute 3D Rilakkuma Cat Hard Back Cover Case For iPhone 4S

This one isn’t quite so cute but a much more streamlined version of the previous one. It looks much more practical.
iPhone 4S Kutusita Nyanko Cat Case

I’ve seen lots of these in different colours and I think they’re adorable. Like the first case though, I think I’d get annoyed with how bulky it is.
3D Kiki Cat For iPhone 4S Silicone Case – Sky Blue

I love the illustration on this case and the seller has lots of different ones. So adorable!
Ecell – Lazy cat iPhone 4S Case

There are hundreds if not thousands of cases with cat photos on and they are lovely. I think if I had a case with a photo on it, I’d want it to be a photo of my kitties.
Cute Kitten Cat Hard Case For Apple iPhone 4 4S

Do you have a cat phone case?


  1. I have the 3D Kiki Cat For iPhone 4S Silicone Case – purple, its ok but doesn’t fit snug snug on the phone but I still love it, just in case anyone wanted to know its a loose fitting case.

  2. I’ve taken a clear phone case and painted the inside with my own design so that it wouldnt chip off if dropped. Also you could do the same with your doodlecat fabric or drawings, then you could change it to match your outfits if you wanted! 😀

  3. Not sure why “match your” is underlined and in red but I didnt do that, so dont click on it unless you want to go to a singles sight! :/

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