Introducing Molly


If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram then you’ll know that last week we welcomed a new little kitty to our family. We thought we’d wait till we had a name before formally introducing her to the world on my blog.

We were checking out the Cats Needing Homes page on our local rescue centre website, Hollyhedge Animal Sanctuary, when this little face popped up. The next day we jumped in the car and went to visit her. She climbed on us straight away and we knew that she was the one. We had been looking for a young cat as we thought it would be less stressful for Pixie and Arty, our existing cats. Black cats have a hard time finding homes which was another reason for our choice, we liked the idea of having a kitty that might not be so easily adopted as cats of other colours.

She is 8 months old and was called Bluey in her previous life. We decided we would like a new name for her and my friends at Awesome Merchandise helped out with that. We had so many amazing suggestions. We tried out some of our favourites and some just didn’t suit her until we found Molly. It’s just right for her.


We had a slow introduction planned for her and our existing cats. For the first few days she was in her own room. We’d open the door at meal times and feed her one one side of a mesh screen and Pixie and Arty on the other. Arty came up to the screen and gave her a few sniffs. Each day we would move the food bowls closer together. We would stroke her with a sock on our hands and then stroke Pixie and Arty with it so that they would get used to each other’s scents. We assumed we’d do this for a week or so and see things continue to progress slowly, then one day she jumped the mesh screen and ran off into the living room with Pixie and Arty. Pixie looked on whilst Molly and Arty sniffed each other and began to play. It was then we realised that they were all going to get on fine. Pixie wasn’t totally sure about her and we kept Molly in her room for a couple of nights so we didn’t have to worry about them whilst we slept. By Thursday (we picked her up on Saturday) they were all running about the house together freely and it’s been going well since.


Molly and Arty are best friends, always playing. Pixie has started to be more playful with her in the past day or so and we’ve had no aggression from any of them. All in all, I think we’ve been really lucky.


Molly is the sweetest little cat and we’re so happy to have been able to adopt her.

If you are considering getting a cat, PLEASE check out your local rescue centre. There are so many cats needing homes.

Molly is from Hollyhedge Animal Sanctuary


  1. Welcome to Molly. Glad all has gone well. I think about getting a new cat all the time but worry how my exsisting furry pal is a bit high mainternence haha

  2. She looks really adorable, as I live with three feline boys and one of them is a black beauty, I cannot help loving your choice.

  3. congrats on your new addition! I think her new name suits her perfectly. I don’t usually believe in fate but she was obviously meant to be part of your family! 🙂

  4. Congrats! She is beautiful. I love black cats as

    I have one at home. And yes, we have many needing cats out there who need us.

  5. I agree totally! Everyone should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS adopt from a rescue centre! So many wonderful lives needing love. And also, everyone should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS spay and neuter their beloved pets!!

    Thanx Beth for being a part of this philosophy and also being brave in having 3 whole cats!


  6. WELCOME MOLLY!! And congrats to Arty and Pixie on a new friend! Can’t wait to see all the fun pix ya’ll will post of them!

  7. I’ve followed this story since the beginning and now I’m so glad your new little friend has a pretty name that suits her perfectly. Hope, she’ll be forever happy in your house 🙂

  8. I’ve followed Molly’s adoption on Facebook and I am very happy to see that she quickly found her place in the family. We also adopted a black kitty nearly twelve years ago. We called her Pandora due to the fact that she was a bit feral. It took her some time to trust humans, but she turned into a very friendly cat. Pandora also gets on very well with two other cats. I’ll never understand why black cats seem to be less wanted than others. Keep us posted about beautiful Molly.

  9. I’ve been following all of your kitties for some time and they all have quite a charactor. Molly is a beautiful edition x

  10. Molly is a beautiful little girl. I love blacks because they ARE good luck. People are wrong that say they are bad luck. Your little kitty loved you straight away. You made the right choice!

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