Farewell Oscar


I write this with tears streaming down my face. Our beloved Oscar lost his battle with kidney disease on Sunday. We our heartbroken. He was, and always will be, a huge part of our family and we will remember him forever.

This is one of the earliest photos we have of Oscar (taken by Daz).

His tail was in a bad way, he had lots of fight wounds and was generally not in good health. He had clearly been on the streets for a while. It took so long for him to let us near him, he would run away and hide if we got too close.

Oscar the alley cat
Photo by Daz
He gradually let us get closer and closer.

As winter came, Oscar started to spend more and more time at the end of our garden in an area where the dustbins were kept. My heart broke as I saw him sat outside in the cold and when the snow started to fall he would shelter under a tree. We took him out hot dinners to keep him warm and help him to put on some weight.

After lots of hot meals and time spent near him, just talking, he let us stroke him.

He even let me groom him and cut the matted knots out of his fur.

He started trusting us more and more and ventured into our garden.

We had a little setback when he fought with our existing cats but with the help of Cats Protection we had him neutered and the fights were no more.

Many times I had invited him into the house but he always stayed outside. One day it was raining and I opened the door. A soggy little Oscar ran in and never left.

It didn’t take long for him to make himself at home!

From then on it was if he had always been part of our family. Our cats slowly got used to him being in the house and he settled in so well. He was so affectionate and loved being around us.

He really was the most funny cat you could ever meet. He made us laugh every single day. We have the most wonderful memories too look back on. We only knew Oscar for three years but for us they were wonderful and I hope they were for him too.

I want to write more but right now it is just too hard ๐Ÿ™




I will continue to share his photos on his Facebook page as it is really helping me to cope, to remember all the good times.

We love you Oscar. Good bye ๐Ÿ™


  1. Thinking of you, daz, Arty and Pixie at this sad time, We had our own version of Oscar who we also lost this year ๐Ÿ™ RIP Oscar you gorgeous fluffball xxxxxxxx

  2. Really sorry to hear about the loss of Oscar, he sounds like he was a real character. I know only too well what it us like to loose a much loved moggie.

    At least you have good memories to hold on to.

    Jan x

  3. So sad, I’m so sorry for your lost ๐Ÿ™
    His life was too short but full of love and happiness, all because he had a wonderful and warm home.
    Take care xxx

  4. My condolences to you and ur family. your tribute to oscar has me crying as i can empathise, having to put our old girl to sleep only 2 months ago. x x

  5. Hello Beth, I’m sorry for your lost. Remind me of my Bob. He’s waiting for you at the paradise door, insya Allah. Smile for memories of Oscar. Love, Sofia, Singapore.

  6. So sorry for the loss of your kitty. He was beautiful! It will get easier as time goes by, but I know it feels like your heart is breaking.

  7. Beth…
    i am so sorry for your loss… fate brought oscar into your lives, he could have chosen anyone, but he chose you… he had a wonderful 3 years being part of your family, something which he may never have had , had you not found one another, treasure the memories, you will never forget him.. sadly i to know the pain of losing members of my furry family.
    love and best wishes x

  8. So Sorry for your loss, I have been following Oscar’s escapades on facebook, an avid cat lover myself, I have a lovely grey tabby Holly and am heartbroken for you. Animals bring such joy and happiness to our lives they are gentle little souls. xx

  9. Thank you for giving him a warm home and showing him love in his final years. My boy is 17 now, it’s something we all go through but it’s worth it to have those dear little faces in our lives. So sorry he had to leave you x

  10. What a beautiful tribute. And the best part of it all is no matter how sad and heartbroken you are, you gave him a happy ending. The happy ending of a loving home and someone who will miss him. You cared for him and taught him to trust and accept love that rare humans like you can give to little battered street cats like him. You will never forget him and now all the people who follow this blog, will take another look at that cat living out behind their dumpsters and maybe try to turn their little furry life around too. Oscar was such a lucky little fellow to have a mom like you. RIP Oscar.

  11. So sorry to hear this sad news!

    I know your heart is breaking but he will always be with you in your memories..

    I know my Pebbles still is, she was an 18 yr old tortoiseshell died April this yr – send you big squeeze xxx

  12. So sorry. The amount of time doesn’t matter they are your babies and when they pass it hurts. Oscar will always be with you in so many ways. Bless you.

  13. Beth, I just wanted to tell you that I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Oscar. I can really only imagine just how difficult this must be for you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours at this time. I know your other furbabies will most certainly cuddle you back to normal in no time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I, too, have been crying since I read your first post yesterday about having to make the decision to put Oscar to sleep. You are so lucky to have all those beautiful photos of him, and to have been able to give him those wonderful three years together. So very sad for you and Daz and your feline babies, your heartache must be dreadful. Take care, and continue to enjoy your beloved Pixie and Arty xo PS I hope I got the others’ names right <3

  15. So sorry for your loss, I am writing this with tears, as Oscar looks just like one of my 2 cats, Coco. She is 16 now, + my other cat is 17, and I am dreading the day when we have to say goodbye.. My thoughts are with you all xxx

  16. I am so sorry for your loss – what a touching a beautiful story…made me cry as well. What a wonderful thing you did to give him such an amazing three years! Praying for your recovery…

  17. I really believe these precious little souls cross our paths at certain times for a reason… like we are the ones given the gift of easing their life for a season. We may have them only 3 days or 3 years but what a gift it is to see them more comfortable, more loved. I feel lifted when a hungry cat eats, & I am humbled when they learn to trust enough to be loved & cherished as they should be. This world is not kind to them, not kind to a lot of us… But this is how we truly send the evil back. It hurts so bad now, but who else could’ve loved Oscar the way you & Daz did the last 3 years? And who else would’ve shared him w/so many friends so this one lost alley cat’s existence would be known & now remembered? You have a gift for loving these sweet babies — lucky, lucky Oscar. Lucky Pix & Arty. โค๏ธ

  18. I’m so sorry for your loss :'(
    Oscar was a lovely cat. He had a wonderful time with you.
    We will miss this unique cat and never forget him. He left a lot of happy memories. Take care. Lots of love x

  19. I am crying as i write this, to know that Oscar is gone and that beautiful brave Oscar has left this world.
    The pain of losing such a cherished cat i understand and i know in time it will get easier. xxx
    I am sorry so sorry for your loss.
    There will always be a Oscar shaped hole left in this world and i know with all my heart that the life he had with your and your boyfriend and Arty and Pixie was one of love and happiness.

  20. Aw Beth I really feel for you, nothing anyone can say will make you feel any better about your loss but you are right to think about the wonderful memories that Oscar has left you with. He was a cat with attitude and a gorgeous boy. RIP Oscar at least you know he was happy with you. You gave him a safe and secure home, he’ll be waiting for you at rainbow bridge xxx

  21. i didn’t know Oscar but it is soooo sad that he’s gone to me. he was a wonderful cat and he was loved not by just you and Daz, but by all of us. he will be missed. i know that he knew he had a good life and that he was happy to be with you guys.

  22. I’m so sorry for your loss Beth and Daz. Oscar found the exact precise home that was meant for him…that’s what brought him to you. Thank you for rescuing him and showing him that some humans are just the best. They bring us love and joy but leave us with gaping holes in the heart. Thats just the way it is. Thinking of you at this time of sorrow. From a distance I also loved Oscar, and Artie and Pixie….luckily they are still with you.

  23. That’s pretty hard.
    Remember the love, that will help.
    Feel the pain, cry for him (and you) and love him a bit more.
    The pain will pass… the love will remain.

  24. awwww its so sad, brought a tear to my eyes reading this and seeing the pictures, he had a very happy 3 years with you, i know its so hard to go though, my heart goes out to you at this sad time. R.I.P Oscar your with the angels now.

  25. I’m so glad that Oscar found you. He really needed you and you really needed him. A perfect match. You made his life with you so special and treated him like a king and in return he gave you lots of love and attention. I’m sure it will take you a long time to come to terms with losing him and you will always have that niggling feeling of loss, but in time it will turn to a comforting memory of all he did for you and all that you were able to give him in return. Lots of love to you and Daz.

  26. Oh Beth, I am sending you so much love and strength right now. I’ll keep this short because I know when our youngest kitty passed from a rare bone cancer, every time someone asked me what was wrong I would just start crying all over again. I just want to send you some healing energy and say how thankful I am that you have Pixie, Arty, and Daz to care for you. <3

  27. This is so sweet. It is people like you that can really make a cat’s life matter. Without you, he would have just been a ragged cat running around the neighborhood, that nobody loved. But you gave him that feeling that every cat should feel – to have a home, and to be loved. Thank you for making the world a better place.

  28. There is something very very special about the rescue fur babies isn’t there? Oscar was such a beautiful boy! Such personality and he was truly lucky to have such fabulous family as you and Daz as well as your other kitties. They will miss him too!!!! Only time will ease your pain. You all gave him such a wonderful 3 years… the photos show how much he loved you all. xx

  29. So sorry for your loss. Where ever Oscar maybe just know he’s in a better place. If you have any good memories about him, just close your eyes and picture it, cause that’s when you’ll know that he’s always there… in your heart. I lost my little 2 month Khushi (Happiness in Urdu) to kidney failure. She was a strong one and I always see her in my dreams. But she’s somewhere where there is no pain, no suffering and she’s up there with my grandparents happy as can be.

  30. I am so sorry. Losing one of our babies is never easy. I wish that they lived as long as we do. He got to know love because of your patience and understanding. Thank you for that. Hugs to you.

  31. Beth and Daz I am SO sorry for your loss. I fell in love with Oscar just like so many others. My heart goes out to you and I send you hugs times a thousand across the waters. xoxo


  32. I can say that you and Daz have been a great & loving parents for Oscar. And I believe Oscar had beautiful life ever since he became part of your family. I’m so sorry for you loss. Your writing above makes me cry too. I knew Oscar through Doodlecats Facebook Page also from Instagram which was virtually but yet this broken-hearted of mine because Oscar passed away is so real. Oscar, he will surely be missed. Take care Beth ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. unfortunatly the down side of haveing pets is the fact that you will out live them.I have had to say goodby to two of my darling cats & my heart goes out to you.Oscar was blessed when you took him into your lives gave him a happy home and lots of love and care.His quality of life for the last 3 years has been more than he could have dreamed of when he was liveing on the streets.Take comfort from that and hang on to your happy memorys of him.With deepest sympathy and lots of love from me and my Dexy Cat x x x

  34. I have tears streaming down my face too, reading this beautiful tribute. It brings back all the memories and heartbreak surrounding every pet I have lost over the years. Thank you for sharing Oscar with us – I feel as though I knew him PURRsonally. ๐Ÿ™‚ You gave him a beautiful home, which is what every animal deserves, and that is an example everyone should follow. Take care of yourself during this difficult time, my thoughts are with you. <3

  35. He is like the little stray I am currently feeding so maybe she will stay with me and get used to my cats like your little Oscar. Time passes but you never forget these creatures that have brought so much joy to your lives. Your other cats will be a comfort to you at this sad time. :<(

  36. Those were the best 3 years of Oscars life! He will always be with you. I’m very sorry to hear you lost your beloved family member. Having to put an animal down is one of the hardest things to do. My heart goes out to your entire family. Thank you for sharing all of those wonderful photos.

  37. Beth, you and Oscar were so fortunate to have each other. Thank you for trying so hard to give him a good life and letting the best parts of his shine. If only all animals had such wonderful humans. Love from Utah. <3

  38. I am so sorry Beth, your post was beautiful, you guys and Oscar were very lucky to have found each other. Wherever he is he remembers you with love and happiness I’m sure of it ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Beth, I’m so sad and sorry for your loss – I too have taken in a stray boy Blackie who is still with me despite Vet telling me two and a half years ago that he was FIV positive, anaemic and in a very poorly state and would have to be pts in a couple of weeks. He is thankfully still with me with my other two lovelies and they all get on very well. I know how I felt with diagnosis but you have now had the ultimate challenge but be glad he had three wonderful years with you and your lovely family. he sounds such a character and actually looks very like Blackie who is the purriest and most affectionate of my three. xxxxx

  40. We are so sorry for your loss. Our cats are so special and are with us every moment of the day so we appreciate how you feel at this time.
    Happy memories are for life and you made him feel very special otherwise he would have moved on ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Our time together wasn’t measured In hours or days

    Instead I’ll remember all your Loving ways.

    So here I will be ’till we meet again…

    At the rainbow bridge waiting…..For my human FRIEND.โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ

  42. You did a wonderful thing for Oscar by giving him love & a good happy home
    I just wish you both had more time together
    I am so sorry

  43. These are wonderful photos! His story reads much the same as that of a lovely big black and white cat that our friends have taken in, and he’s lovely too. I’ve grown to know Oscar through following his exploits on Facebook, and he’ll be greatly missed in this household too. The great thing is that he found you, and you gave him a wonderful life. You should be able to take some comfort from that.

  44. I’m so glad you had the opportunity to share your life with Oscar..he obviously enriched yours and you made all the difference in his…I know how much it hurts, but it’s as if it’s suppose to…you know his suffering is over, but now it becomes yours…for a time…When I think of my cats, I think of them all at Rainbow Bridge…all happy and well…just waiting for my arrival…I send you my prayers and good thoughts…

  45. Oh Beth so sorry your beautiful cat Oscar, has left this earth. He has had the best life ever with you, so try and feel happy for him, knowing he had such a lucky life with you as his owner. I am sure he still walks around with you, and does all what he did, only you are unable to see him whilst you are on this side on life on earth. One day you will meet again. Until then take comfort in knowing he had the very best life.
    Thinking of you at this time xxx
    Claire xxx

  46. NOOOOOOOOOO!! Oscar !!! Oh how sad!! I knew he was sick but I was hoping he will pulled through — he was such a warrior and old soul. One of your guardian angels sent to take care of you all and then I guess it was time for him to join kitty heaven. Oh I am so sorry for your loss and I do share your grief. My cats are precious and I know I will mourn them for a long time when it is their time to go … Oh man .. oh this is so sad… — I am so sorry Beth :((

  47. As soon as I opened my Facebook account as saw your post…the tears streamed down my face. I only know of your beloved Oscar thru your Facebook posts, but I am a fur baby lover as well and my heart breaks for you and Daz. Pray you find comfort in the overwhelming support pouring out to you and yours. Oscar is a beautiful baby and will forever know the love you have for him. <3

  48. Beth I am so sorry for your loss. losing a four legged loved one is never easy, but I am glad your have other four legged love ones to love and help you thru this,mine helped me earlier this year when I lost my beloved doggie Annie, I had her for 17 yrs, but the length of time doesn’t matter , It’s the love you shared and that love never dies.Personally I like hearing about all your cats and I will miss Oscar Very much. You will see him again.Take care Beth , and I will hold you and you whole loved ones in the light{a Quaker way for praying for some one> <3

  49. Hello, Beth. I have been following you and Oscar on Facebook for quite some time. My deepest condolences to you and your family. I can tell from the pictures that Oscar was one happy, contented cat. He was blessed to have found you; as much as you were to have found him. <3

  50. Dearest Beth…I am so saddened and broken-hearted to hear of this beautiful, lovely creature’s death. Please know that our fur-babies, even though they pass from us, wait for us at Rainbow Bridge. They leave their paw-prints on our hearts, minds, and spirits. You will heart things, see things and feel things that will remind you so much of Oscar because he really is still with in spirit.

    Michael G.
    United States

    “When we love our pets, we are loving God” ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. I had tears in my eyes reading this. I am so sorry that you are going through this…it is soooooo hard to lose a furbaby. But I know you made Oscar’s last 3 years of life amazing and he paid you in love. I will miss his grumpy little face. <3

  52. It is crazy how much these four-legged friends become family to us. My heart breaks for your loss as I, too, have lost a furbaby. Try to find solace in knowing they will be waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. God bless you in your sorrow.

  53. Beth every time I read about losing Oscar it breaks my heart and I cannot help the tears. I am a cat lover and have many that I have saved so I know how much Oscar meant to you. He was such a beautiful cat you. And. Daz did a wonderful job bringing him back to being healthy and I guarantee his 3yrs with you both were the best yrs of his life. He will be deeply missed. I am so sorry for your loss and thank you so much for being so generous and sharing pics and his story with us.

  54. So sorry for the loss of Oscar. My kitty Jack looked a lot like Oscar and died of the same thing. But he lives on in my heart just as Oscar will live on in yours. โ™ก

    Kindest regards,

  55. My thoughts are with you, I’m so sorry for your loss.

    My family took in a stray cat when I was a kid, she gave birth in our kitchen. Two kittens from that litter Ruby and Pebbles were with us for nearly 18 years, during the last 8 months we lost both. Their brother Crystal was hardly a few years old when he was taken from us by a car. No matter how much time spent with them they are always going to have a huge impact on our lives as we do on theirs.

    Nothing takes away the pain of that loss apart from sharing memories of the good times and knowledge that we did our best for them no matter what.

  56. My heart just breaks for you. The death of our beloved friends seems such a high price to pay. In my 50 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to live with and love many cats (& a dog). It never gets easier to let them go, but it does get easier.

    I hope you can find solace In the fact that you saved Oscar from a life of discomfort, gave him love and a wonderful life. You made each other very happy and that’s all we can hope to do.
    God bless you for what you did for Oscar. รทโ™กรท

  57. Beth, Daz,

    I so sorry for your loss of Oscar, it pains me to hear this after you have brought us all together in a world wide family.

    You gave Oscar your heart and home, and I know he appreciated it by giving you his love and warmth.

    Oscar will be missed by all but will forever be in our hearts and in your photos and art.

    Blessing to you all and may Oscar rest in peace.


  58. So sorry to hear about oscar my heart goes out to you both. Me an my husband lost our little boy Guinness in February due to kidney failure we miss him so much and he will always be loved. on Mother’s Day we got Olly from cats protection we love him just as much as we loved Guinness. X

  59. I am so very sorry about the loss of Oscar. Our kitty kids have a way of wiggling into our hearts and we are never the same. Just remember the loving nuzzles you received from him and other wonderful memories. It is the memories that will sustain you during this time of loss.

  60. Hi Beth
    I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope it won’t be long before you only have good memories of Oscar, rather than feelings of sorrow. You are however so lucky to have that lovely feeling you have when you have given a better life to a fellow creature for it’s time on this earth than the one it would have had without you x

  61. I know it’s been almost two years now, but I still love looking back at Oscar’s pictures and blurbs. He was truly a great cat, with a heart-warming background story and adopted by a fantastic family. We still miss you, Oscar, and I’m sure Molly would’ve loved him too

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