Enamel Pins

I am addicted to cat pins. I thought I’d share some of my collection with you (there’s many more on my jacket).

I’ve linked to all the pins below, starting top left.

Cats and Coffee by Punk Pins, Stretchy Cat by HelloPushkin, Happy Heart Cat by Diglot Etc, Unicorn Cat by ilariaranauro, Black and Gold Heart Cat by Doodlecats, Purr by Doodlecats.

Cat Yarn by Doodlecats, Meow by Doodlecats, Macaron Kitty by TheTriangularPrism, I am Probably Thinking About Cats by Doodlecats, Inclusive Feminism Cat by Riot Cakes.

Knitting Cat by Punky Pins, Tummy Tickle Cat by Emma Carlisle , Artist Kitty by BelsArt, End Cat Calling by Punky Pins, Cityscape Cat by Fairy Cakes.

Flimsy Kitten by Rachael Smith, Catnap by Doodlecats, Cat Palette by Diglot etc.

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