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I’ve been researching childrens books recently, thinking about maybe designing my own. I love the idea but when it comes to making up stories I am rather lacking so it might be a while. We went to a few carboot sales over the weekend and I got lots of lovely books, most for only 20 pence. Some of them are so lovely I had to share them with you.

I’m amazed how all the different styles of illustrations, some simple, some complex. The drawings have to suit the stories and characters and the wording has to be simple yet effective. I feel that creating a childrens book may not be as easy as it looks.

If you have any childrens book favourites I would love to know so I can check them out.

Mr.Pusskins by Sam Lloyd
I love that he looks so grumpy but is a big softy really, a bit like our Oscar.

My Cat Just Sleeps by Joanne Partis
This book is adorable, the illustrations are magical and the story is really sweet. This book is pretty much about our lovely Artemis who is asleep 90% of the time

This is from a book called Bus Fuss which I nearly didn’t buy because it was so tatty but I’m glad I did. It seems that it’s no longer available to buy (it’s from 1990). It’s a lovely story about a man who takes his dog on the bus in his bag and a woman who takes her cat on the bus in a basket. You can imagine the chaos it causes.

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  1. Somehow I missed this post when you published it! But now that I’m reading it I’m super excited, one of my secret dreams is to publish a children’s book written and illustrated by me. If you ever publish one I would buy it in a heartbeat, I love your illustrations and your writing is very light and fluid (I don’t know if I’m explaining myself). Anyway I was also excited because a beautiful cat I had was named Mishkin and me and my mom called her Pushkin and pusskin all the time!!! And she was fluffy like the cat in the book, I’m sending my mom the image right now 😀
    Thank you for posting awesome stuff!

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