Chair Makeover


You will have seen yesterday that the chair in my office is really boring. It’s the cheapest office chair Ikea do and is a very dull grey colour. I can’t really complain seeing as it was only £12.99.

The back rest has two main pieces that are just pushed together so it’s easy to open it up to reveal how the fabric is fastened on. It’s just a flat piece of fabric with a string around the edge that has been tied tight to hold it in place.

I took the fabric off, flattened it out and used it as a template to cut out cat fabric. I simply stitched the cat fabric onto the original chair fabric, making sure to not go too close to the edge to interfere with the draw string.

Then I just put the fabric back onto the plastic and foam back-rest and tied it back up.

The back of the back-rest just pops back in with a bit of pressure and seals in the edges of the fabric.

It’s that simple, it took about ten minutes.

The seat of the chair is covered in much the same way so once I’ve got some more fabric I’ll cover that too. A once boring grey chair is now a cool cat chair.


  1. Hi Beth, I just searched for you looking for your final degree images, and found your site. You really are very talented! (You know I’ve told you that before, and just telling you again)!! 🙂 Really enjoyed looking at what you’re doing, you’re a true inspiration. All the best, and stay in touch. Shawn xx

  2. wow that is really awesome, I ve been wanting to do a makeover to an old office chair that we have, but im afraid it will be a little bit more complicated that this…
    You did an awesome job, I love your “new” chair <3

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