It’s pretty difficult getting a photo with a cat where both me and the cat look semi-reasonable! They all love cuddles but as soon as I hold them infront of the camera they make silly faces (or I do!) I wish I could get a photo with all three of them in it but that would be nearly impossible.

I’m rushing off now to set up my stall at the Nails Market in Bristol. I’ trying to do it atleast three times a month if I can. Come down if you’re in the area!

Me and a rather reluctant Pixie

Oscar and I

Arty getting kisses


  1. Oscar is just so much bigger than Artie and Pixie. He is becoming a really hansom kitty. Artie looks like he is pulling that face teenagers do when you try to kiss them on camera “Awww don’t do that mum! You’re embarrassing me.”

  2. Oscar is all floof, he’s lighter than Arty. He atleast feels a decent size under his fur now, he was so thin when we first made friends with him.

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