Because Oscar was a stray we don’t know much about how he lived before he was on the streets. One of the conclusions we have come to though is that he wasn’t played with in his old life. For ages he was just scared of toys and for a long time he would only bat around a scrunched up piece of paper. He is getting better at playing and isn’t scared any more. He likes to bop Da Bird a bit but has never really leaped about after it like Pixie and Arty do.

Daz made this video the other day when I was out. Oscar played and leaped about! I can’t wait to see what else he does as he gets more and more confident. Just when we think that Oscar has nothing new to show us he surprises us 😀


  1. My Aslan was discovered living wild on a rubbish dump when he was 4 months old. He was all alone so no one knows how he got there. The cat protection took him in and I first saw him there when I went to get my Diva. He was sitting alone, hiding in a cage at the back, even though the cage door was open, and he had his back to everyone. I asked about him and they said he was feral and thought he was too old to tame as he was very timid, so they would probably send him to a farm when he was older, to live out and catch rats for them. A few weeks later I decided that I had plenty of room for another puss, and when I contacted the cat protection they told me there had been an outbreak of cat flu, so all cats had been quarantined, except one, but he was the wild one, so she didn’t expect me to take him. So of course I did! It took us a good five minutes and a bit of a fight to get him in the cage but we did it! It was the first time I’d seen his little lion face, and he just had the biggest, saddest, most forlorn eyes I have ever seen. The Cat Protection lady told me to bring him back if it ‘didn’t work out’, I said ‘Take a good look at him, cos you won’t be seeing him again!

    And that’s how I got my lovely little lion!

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