It’s all about boxes this week.

Arty is always in a box or on a towel. Sometimes we put a towel in a box for him which is his dream come true.

Pixie likes boxes but most of them are too big for her as she is tiny.

This is the first ever photo of Oscar in a box!! He’s only been in one a couple of times and I’ve never got to the camera in time. Last night I put a bit of catnip in the box (hence his expression) and was able to take photos.

These photos are done with Instagram on my iPhone. I’m Starpixie on there if you want to look me up 🙂
I also upload lots of cat photos and my latest artwork on my Facebook page

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  1. Your cats are beauts, i love this Blog as its very cat friendly 😀 Upon seeing a box my cats Evie and Nora leap upon it, fight for ownership of new box, cram themselves in whilst the lovely new soft and fleecy cat bed is ignored, My Evie peed on a very expensive one, i guess to say no thanks, she has taken to plastic bag sleeping now as i have not brought any boxes in for a while 😀

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