Catit Senses Play Circuit


A while ago I reviewed the Catit Design Senses Feeding Labyrinth. I also got the CatIt Senses Play Circuit but the cats paid little attention to it – far more interested in the biscuits. What you can’t see in the photos, because it was moving so fast, is that there’s a ball in the track. It can’t get out but the gaps are small enough for little kitty paws to bat it about.

Today Pixie decided it was the best toy ever and has had a wonderful time batting the ball around, chasing the ball in circles and trying to catch it. I’m not sure that her upside-down tactics were working but she was definitely having a fantastic time.



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  1. I wonder if Alfie would play with that. The dark evenings and rainy days are stopping him going out and he is getting very bored with the toys he has now. Maybe I’ll try him out with a ping pong ball trapped in a shoe box first and cut a few paw sized holes in the sides.

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