More Cat Hair Clips

More cute cat hair clips! The rainbow is my absolute favourite and I can’t wait to wear one in my hair. They also come in iron-on patches so you can customise clothes/bags etc Also…. the crown and horn are done with sparkly glitter thread!! Sparkles!

Our Commitment to the Environment

If you see this sticker on an envelope or parcel, it means that it’s plastic free and you can put it in with your paper and card recycling. We are committed to reducing our use of plastics and hope you are too. Some overseas mail will still be going out in bubble wrap envelopes because …


Colouring Book Volume Two

Colouring Book Volume Two is finally here! It takes a long time and lots of work to create one of these so that’s why it’s been a year since Volume One. I hope it is worth the wait! You can buy both volumes of the colouring book in the Doodlecats Shop.