Wood Kitties

I got these super cool cats from Porkchopshow on Etsy. They are cute paper images adhered to wood and laser cut. I love them, some of them are so adorable!


I’ve made some of them into brooches, I’m not sure what I’ll do with the rest but I’m sure I’ll find a use for them.


A hot glue gun and some brooch backs and they’re easily made into brooches.


What would you make from them?


  1. What you are doing looks good to me. When I get back to my home in Washington State you have a few things I will want to order.for the pass year I was taking care of my son in law . He died in late Dec.I going home in March. You and your cats have been a bright spot in life. Thank you

  2. Oh, these are so precious! I really love the one with the moon and I also spot one that looks just like my cat:D

    I’d definitely make brooches too! But I get that you wouldn’t do that with all of them. There are just too many to wear!

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