Cat hood


I thought I’d do some sewing today 🙂 I made a cat hood out of really soft leopard print fabric.
I won’t be making this to sell – my sewing machine did not cope with sewing this fabric very well at all!

The scarf part has pockets in the ends to put my hands when they’re cold.


If you want to have a go at making one yourself, I’ve made a pdf how-to 🙂
Cat Hood PDF


  1. Hi crazy cat lady:) Just to say hello from DK from 1 cat lady to another!! Im following u and u r lovely cats on fb and I must say they just makes me smile every day with the cute pics and u r comments!! I also want to let u know how talented and really artistic I think u are,I wish I could set up a little shop and sell all u r lovely things here In Aarhus where I live…..Im sure there would be a market for it!! Well that was just a hello from me,keep up the good work and bless u and u r lovely family,I wish u all the best and give u r 3 lovely sweet cats a big hug from me!! (Im hugging my little princess Ruthie every day,its impossible not to!!) Greetings from:Anne-Marie in Denmark…

  2. Did the fabric slip a lot? I’ve heard that if you pin tissue paper to the top and bottom of the fabric, it will feed better through the machine as you sew. Then, when you are finished with the seam, just tear the tissue away. Time consuming, but it may be helpful.

    You still ended up with terrific-looking results, though!

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