Cat Ears Tutorial

I made these cat ears to wear whilst I’m working on my stall, the kids love them (which gets the parents and their money over to my stall :D)

You’ll need fur fabric, felt, a hair band, glue and a needle and thread.

Cut two triangles of fur fabric for each ear, about half an inch bigger than you want the ears. Make sure the pile on the fur is going downwards towards the base of the ears.

Sew the two pieces of ear fabric together (right sides facing each other), leaving it open at the base so you can turn it right side out. Repeat with other ear.

For each ear, cut a piece of felt the same shape as the ear but smaller.

Hand stitch the felt to the fur.

Cut a piece of fur fabric the same length as the head band and an inch or so wider.

Glue the fur fabric on to the outside of the head band and trim the sides of the fur so that there’s only about half an inch sticking out of each side. I used a glue gun but you could use other glues.

Glue along the inside of the head band and then fold the fur round to stick to the band. Do the same with the other side. This is more tricky as you’re gluing fur onto fur and can get messy!

Turn the bottom edges of the ears inside and then sew onto the headband. Sew the front of the ear on the front of the band and the back on to the back. This will ensure the ears stay upright.

Trim up any loose ends. You might want to add a stitch to tidy up the fur at the ends of the bands if you couldn’t do it well enough with glue.

And now you have cat ears 😀

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