Cat Burglar


Anyone who followed my Facebook page will know what a rollercoaster yesterday was. Pixie went missing. We always keep our cats indoors at night so when tea time came and went and there was still no sign of Pixie I started worry. We walked miles up and down the area behind our house (a block of houses all backs onto one massive area of back gardens, it’s a cat’s dream for exploring). It started to get dark and we got more and more worried. I was in pieces, I couldn’t stop crying. It might sound crazy to get so worried when it had only been a few hours but Pixie is a homebody and she always comes home when she is called. Daz was wonderful and started knocking on the doors of all our neighbours and they were all so lovely and helpful but no one had seen our baby girl. It was getting late and I went out with a torch and started shining into people’s gardens. Suddenly I saw cat eyes glowing in the torchlight, from the window of a house. A house with no cats. I knew it was her and ran to see her. She was trapped in the house. The old lady wasn’t there but we had to get her out. The house that she was in had been burgled last week and I had helped the police secure the windows by screwing them shut. That meant I knew just how to open them and Daz rushed to get a screw driver. We opened the windows and Pixie dashed out into my arms. She was dirty and scared but safe, I couldn’t be happier!!! It was the longest 5 hours of my life!!

Because the owner of the house is in care home and only returns every now and then, the police hadn’t rushed to do forensics for the burglary. Today they came to take prints etc. It seems that a lot of the prints around the window were cat prints though, so I hope Pixie doesn’t get arrested!!

So after all that, I have my best friend back. I think she was pleased to see me.


  1. Aww this photo made me so happy last night! I felt likje I was on that roller coaster with you!

    My Wellie went missing for hours once.. I scoured the streets all day because she never came home at her usual time.. I was going crazy.Then at dusk I went to the houses up the block asking if anyone had seen her..Got to the end house and burst into tears telling the lady how worried i was about her, I was just about to leave when i heard two cats have a scrap in her front room… Looked through and said “That’s my WELLIE!!!!”…. Stupid woman said..Oh is she yours? She’s been here all afternoon?? DOH!

    So happy that you two are reunited! I cried because I felt your pain..Then cried because I was so happy! Haha soppy kitty lady!

    Love your art and your blog by the way! X

    • What a dozy woman, can’t believe she didn’t mention the cats in her house! So glad you got your kitty home too. They do worry us. I was in bits yesterday, I cried so much!

  2. Oh my goodness…know exactly how you feel. My Sebastian went missing for a couple of hours last week. He is an indoor cat, only ever goes in the garden when we are home and he’s unable to leave the garden because we have “cat fencing”. I am not sure how he managed it, but he opened the front door (which we always lock but obviously forgot to do it this one time) and escaped. I was beyond hysterical, running around the streets crying and knocking on every single door I could find. My boyfriend was also looking for him and although he was more in control than me he was also very upset. This went on for 2 hours. We live on a very busy road and I thought I might find him hurt or even worse, dead. My heart was leaping out of my chest; I felt ill. My boyfriend eventually found him in a neighbour’s garden, exploring and having a jolly good time whilst his mum and dad were having heart attacks!!!! WORST hours of my life!!!!!!!!! Reading about your little baby Pixie made me think about Sebastian last week and it made me cry. So glad you found her. Huge relief! xxx

    • So glad you found him! Most of the time they have no idea how much worry they have caused, cheeky little scamps.
      I’m glad I had Daz there to stay calm and go and talk to neighbours because I was a blubbering wreck and would have made no sense to anyone in that state!

  3. I felt sick when I read your post about Pixie missing yesterday. We went through that in 2008 with our Russian Blue, Duncan. Duncan never did return home and we believe a coyote most likely got him. :'(
    When I saw your post about sweet little Pixie my heart broke for you. I remember all too well the feeling of panic and despair. I’m just so thankful it all turned out ok and Pixie is back where she belongs. 🙂

  4. Your story takes me back years to about 1987ish, when I lost my Burmese cat, Benjamin. He was a totally indoor cat unless he went out in a run in the tiny garden when I was home, with his Siamese friend Sebastian. He snuck out of the front door of the house somehow. I lived in a little street which was a bit like Coronation Street with front doors on the pavements for as far as the eye could see. I searched and searched but with no luck, and there was nowhere really for him to go except under cars. After a day or so I postered the whole area but with no response. I had put my Mum’s number on the poster too as I was a teacher and had to be at work. This was in the days before we had mobile phones too. Over two weeks later Mum had a phone call from someone to say they thought he may be in their garden. This was only about 3 miles from home, but two major trunk roads, a golf course and a council housing estate away. I rushed to the house as soon as I got out of school, down the garden path and called him. Out from the cabbage patch at the bottom of their garden crept a pathetically thin, weak little blue cat. He crawled up the path towards me on his tummy. I was scared to go straight to him in case he had gone so feral he ran away, as he apparently had done to anyone who had tried to approach him. He slowly came up to me as I was kneeling/sitting on the path, up my legs and into my arms and pushed his head into my neck, breathing a huge sigh. I was crying, Mum was crying, the lady was crying. He was so happy to be back and Sebastian gave him such a welcome when I got my Benjie back home. I understand how you felt losing Pixie. I had rung the council cleansing department too, as to have been told they had scraped him up off the road would at least have put me out of my agony! Why do we love them so much!!

  5. I’ve just realised you are in Bristol. Benjie went missing from Shirehampton, and was found in Westbury-on-Trym, the other side of the Portway and Shirehampton Golf course! I now live in mid-Wales and my tabby cat, Spud, has the run of our 7 acres and the surrounding fields and woodlands – he is a happy bunny – but still has a night-time curfew whether he likes it or not!!

  6. I am so glad you found Pixie… I told you my story yesterday so I do know your pain…and joy. You are amazing you already have your Cat Burglar in her likeness… I am so happy for you and Daz and Pixie… The pic above is lovely… you can see how much she loves you…the one of Daz and her rubbing on his face while he’s sleeping shows her love for him too… Happy Family again… 🙂 big hugs..

  7. I know exactly how that feels, Scooby did it to me last year he got into next door and she was out all night, I did not sleep I was out until 5.30am in the morning trying to find him I was that worried. By the time Amy(next door) got home Scooby bolted through the front door and out on to the pavement and all I heard was this almighty yeowl!! I went straight out my front door and he was there and jumped straight up at me I had never been so relived in my life. Needless to say he has never done it since.

    I am so glad Pixie is safe and you are ok, we love our animals as they are part of the family and it is worrying when they go missing!

  8. I’m so happy you found him! I’ve been in the same frantic state when one of mine don’t come home at night. It makes me cry when ANYONE loses their kitties.

  9. I saw the photo of you and Pixie reunited on Flickr, but didn’t realise she had gone missing (I assumed you’d been on holiday or something!). Reading this post and all the comments has made me cry! My cat Truffles went missing for days once when she was young, and I was a complete wreck. I went out with posters, and could barely speak to people without crying. She came home starving but safe in the end, thankfully.
    When Charlie died I couldn’t even live in my own house for nearly 2 months. It’s amazing the impact they have on our lives.

    I’m so glad you found your girl safe and sound 🙂 xxx

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