Black Cat Day!

Black Cat Day

It amazes me that cats are being judged by their colour but sadly it’s true. On my visits to the local rescue centre the black cats have always been there the longest.

Our Oscar used to be black until he spent too much time in the sun.
Look at that little face!

Please don’t judge a cat by its colour.


  1. Ever since I first read about this day (on your blog of course!) it has crossed my mind on a regular basis. It’s so sad. And I don’t get it at all. I used to have a black cat and he was wonderful, just like your Oscar.

    Maybe I’ll get another black cat(possibly from a shelter) in the future, but I’m putting that off for some years because I’d rather not take in a cat that looks the same. I wouldn’t like spotting this new creature from the corner of my eye and thinking it was my old cat;)

  2. It’s sad but true… happens almost everywhere.

    I live with three cats and the middle one is a beautiful black boy. Probably one of the most handsome cats I have known.

  3. Hi …

    Just read about the black cats … and i can say .. i just got a black kitten and i love him sooooo much already :o) .. and i dont understand people are “scared” for the black cats … Im so happy i found me black baby !! ….

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