Arty’s Wine Box Cat Bed


I got a wine box for £5 last week for Arty. He loved it straight away but it was a bit deep as he likes to rest his chin on the side. With a bit of foam and a pillow case I’ve transformed it into something a lot more comfy and a better depth.

I got the foam cut to size, it cost about £3. It’s 5mm smaller than the inner dimensions of the box which seems the perfect size to allow for fabric etc. The pillow case was from a charity shop for a few pence.
Wine Box Cat Bed

All I did was put the foam in the pillow case, tucked the edges in and put it in the box. No need for any sewing!!

Arty loves it. He likes boxes that are on the small size so he is a snug fit.


    • He’s been in it for hours now! It’s nice when cats appreciate your work rather than turning their noses up at it like they often do!

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