I’m Beth, I’m 35 and live in Portishead UK with my husband Daz and our three gorgeous cats.

I have been creative as long as I can remember. I love to draw, sew, bake, photograph, make, and generally create stuff. A few years ago I decided it was about time that I did something useful with my love of cats and my artistic talents and Doodlecats was born.

I blog about my work, cats, art, photography, what I’ve been up to and lots of other things. I sell cards, jewellery and various other bits and bobs in my shop.

Let me introduce our wonderful kitties
Pixie was the first cat to come into my life, in 2006. I had no idea the impact she would make. She is so adorable and brightens up every day. She’s very affectionate and loyal and is my best friend in the whole world. She carries her toys about as if they were her kittens and loves to snooze on me upside-down.

Arty is our second cat, joining us when Pixie was about 7 months. He’s not the bravest cat in the world but he makes up for it with personality. He always announces himself when entering the house with a loud meow. He loves sleeping on towels and getting his tummy tickled. He likes to stretch out really long on our bed at night, taking up all the space.

Molly is the latest addition to our family. We adopted her in April 2014 when she was 8 months old. She has settled in really well, it’s like she has always been here. She’s still a crazy kitten and races about a lot, even managing to get sleep Arty to play with her.

Sadly beautiful Oscar is no longer with us, we lost him to kidney disease in September of 2013.
Oscar was a stray who has recently adopted us as his family. We had seen him around the neighbourhood for quite a while but it took time for us to gain his confidence. He’s now the most soppy cat ever, valuing attention far more than food. He’s changed so much over the last few months, from a scruffy scared little guy to a handsome confident healthy chap who has made himself quite at home with us.
More of Oscar’s story here.