A Cat Called Norton


A Cat Called Norton: The True Story of an Extraordinary Cat and his Imperfect Human is such a wonderful book about a gorgeous little cat called Norton. Norton lives a live unlike most other cats, in fact you could say he lives more like a dog. He goes out with his owner on walks, trips around the country, even abroad on planes. Peter Gethers takes Norton pretty much everywhere with him and Norton loves it. I am sure most people would be terrified at the idea of taking their cat away from home, scared that they’d get lost or run away. Norton does no such thing. He might wander off and go on his own little adventures but when it’s time to go home he’s always there, ready and waiting. I have to admit I’m jealous! When I see people out with their dogs I think how wonderful it must be to have your best friends with you all the time. The fact that it is possible to do with a cat is mind-boggling to me. Even though I’ve had Pixie and Arty since they were tiny, I don’t think they could even have adapted to such a life, they’re too wimpy! Oscar is far more likely to be able to cope with it but I’d be too scared that he’d wander off and I’d never see him again.


For the Love of Norton: The Cat who Taught his Human How to Live, the second book in the trio is equally awesome as Norton goes on adventures even further afield, including Europe.

I haven’t dared to read the final book in the trio Forever Norton: The Perfect Cat, his Flawed Human and Life’s Greatest Lesson because of the inevitable that happens to all of our animal friends. I cried and cried when I read Marley and Me and I don’t think I could cope reading about little Norton passing. I like to remember the books as a happy little adventuring cat and his human friend.

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