Happy Birthday Pixie!!

Pixie is 5!!! She’s grown up so quickly, time has flown by. She has brought so much happiness to me, I can’t imagine life without her. I love her to bits. I wish she would stay a kitten forever, it scares me how quickly they grow up. She will be feasting on tuna and playing with new toys. We’ve got her a new blanket to go on her favourite snoozing spot too.

Blanket and toys from Pets at Home, both of which were an instant hit.
20110901-DSC_7576 20110901-DSC_7580

Every birthday we always get papers streamers out to play with. They’re cheap, fun, make a huge mess and the cats love them!

It was so funny when Arty came over to join in!

Here’s Pixie over the years – she’s always been a cutie.

Baby Pixie
Tiny baby Pixie

First birthday

Second birthday

Third birthday, poor Pixie was behind bars with a broken pelvis

Fourth birthday

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  1. Happy 5th Birthday, Pixie!! It looks like you have a very special day planned, and are really enjoying your new snuggle mat! You are such a pretty girl, and your baby pictures made me squee! 🙂

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