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I’ve not created any new drawings over the past couple of days because we’ve been super busy sorting out our very tiny spare room. Daz already occupies the other end of the room with his desk and computer as he works from home. The rest of the room had been filled piles of books, craft materials and junk that we kept meaning to take to the tip. I decided the time had come to sort it all out so I could have a desk space to do some of my work. I’m typing this from my office right now!

The whole room is an Ikea fest. When I moved here I had no furniture so we went to Ikea and got pretty much everything I needed to kit out a flat. One day I hope for much prettier shelving but it does the job and houses my enormous book collection.

The boxes at the end of the room are all full of stock and the stuff I take to markets. My range is expanding, I just hope we have enough space for more.

For now I think I’ll stick to drawing in the living room where there is more space but all my computery stuff will now be done in my fancy, tiny, new office.



  1. I love seeing how other people work spaces. You did a pretty good job with that tiny space, it looks organized and clean, and you even have a special place for the cat <3

    Have a lovely day, Beth(:


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