Helpful Molly

Me: Molly, what are you doing? Molly: Helping you make the bed! Me: You’re not being very helpful though. Molly: Yes I am! I’ve watched Pixie help over the years and I’m just doing what she does. Me: Pixie isn’t exactly helpful either. Molly: You humans really don’t appreciate how much us cats help you! …


Christmas Artemis

Me: Arty, look Christmassy! Arty: How do I do that?! Me: I don’t know, think Christmassy thoughts. Arty: I’ll look Christmassy if you give me food. Me: You don’t need more food. Arty: What about this tree, is this food? Me: No, do NOT eat that. Arty: But… Me: Arty NO! *grabs tree*