Applaws – Review


When Applaws contacted me to offer a hamper of food to the cats I didn’t hesitate to say yes. We hadn’t fed our cats Applaws food before but I had heard of how great it was and I was sure the cats would be happy to try it out.

We’ve always been keen to feed our cats high quality food and when Pixie had health problems a few years ago it became even more important. Pixie has allergies. We’re not entirely sure what to but it results in her having skin problems and we do know that it’s food related. I started doing some research and was shocked to see what some companies put in cat food and how little meat is in a lot of it. Cats are carnivores and need a high meat content diet. Lots of brands of cat food include grains which wouldn’t naturally be part of a cat’s diet as well as other cheap ingredients to bulk out the food instead of more expensive meat. Applaws doesn’t contain any of this and uses lots of good meat – just what kitties need.


The cats couldn’t wait to get stuck into the food (Arty even opened the bag of biscuits before I had a chance to). I was amazed at how the food looks, almost good enough for me to eat (I didn’t try though!)


I have to say the cats didn’t have a favourite flavour of wet food, they were all as popular as each other and disappeared in record time. Pixie didn’t try any of the shrimp flavours as we know that is one thing that she can’t eat and the packs were all clearly labeled so we knew for sure which she could have. They all really enjoyed the big chunks of meat and fish, it looks so much better than most of the food I’ve seen come out of tins!


They loved the biscuits too and they seem to be far more satisfied with a portion of Applaws biscuits than they used to with their previous brand. – due to the 80% meat content. I think we’re definitely going to keep on feeding them those on a daily basis.

The only down side to Applaws is the price *but* you get what you pay for and it is a really great food. I would only ask that they did bigger tins as when feeding three cats, opening all those tiny tins is a bit of a hassle and I’m sure they could offer even better value if they sold in bigger sizes.

You can find out a lot more about Applaws on their website and Facebook page.

Have your cats tried Applaws?

Did you know pet products labelled ‘with meat’ only have to have a minimum 4% meat by law?
You should try the Applaws quiz to see how well you know your cat and what they should eat.
I scored 100%  What’s your score?


Santa has been early this year.


We are going away at Christmas to spend time with my family so Santa was kind enough to bring the cats their gift early.

The tree is from ZooPlus and for the price it is really good (£59). I have to say there are a few little cosmetic problems with the wooden surfaces so I can’t recommend it 100% if you’re looking for something super fancy. That said, it is a really sturdy great tree and the cats started using it before we’d even finished building it. They love the height (Pixie especially) and they’ve all had a good scratch at the posts.

Molly is being cheeky and telling Arty she won’t share.

You can’t stay there Arty


– Arty, I’m afraid you can’t stay in there.
- Why? I thought it was our Christmas present?
– It was but it got broken in transit so we have to send it back.
- But I want this one.
– The new one will be just the same, except not broken. We can put it up in the living room and you can sit in it and watch the birds out of the window.
- I’m not moving.
– If you don’t get out you’ll get posted back to the shop.
- Oh.
– How about I carry you to your heated bed?
- Hmm OK. You know what would be great? If you put the heated bed in the new one when it arrives.