Naughty Molly!

Me: Molly! I turned my back for two minutes, what on earth are you doing?! Molly: Me? Nothing! Me: That’s strange because it looks like you broke into the catnip and made a giant mess. Molly: Wasn’t me, must have been Arty. Me: You are literally rolling around in it right now. Molly: Nope, nothing …


Whisker Box Review

The kind people at The Whisker Box sent us a box to review. It’s a monthly subscription box for cats. Arty was pretty excited when he heard me opening the box so he must have known it had food in it! He, in typical cat fashion, jumped straight into the box as soon as I …


Halloween Bunting

It’s October and halloween is on the way so I thought I’d made some decorations for my office. I used a pack of Spooky Postcards, some black ribbon and a stapler. The ribbon needs to be a couple of feet longer than the space you want the bunting to hang in so that you can …


Colouring Book Volume Two

Colouring Book Volume Two is finally here! It takes a long time and lots of work to create one of these so that’s why it’s been a year since Volume One. I hope it is worth the wait! You can buy both volumes of the colouring book in the Doodlecats Shop.

Pokemon Cats

I’ve been playing a lot of Pokemon Go so it was only natural that I started drawing Pokemon… as cats (of course). Here are the ones I’ve drawn so far but I am sure there will be many more as they are so much fun! It’s super easy to catch a Cat Pokemon, just put …


Cats of Anarchy

I’ve just started watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix (I know, I’m late to the party!) and every time I see the logo all I can think of is a cat version – so I had to draw it. You can now get it on t-shirts and hoodies etc, yey! Head over to the Doodlecats …


Five Years!!

So this week marks five years since I started Doodlecats. It’s amazing how much has changed in all those years. It all started out with a few little stick drawings of cats which have developed over the years. As you can see, they’re quite different to what I draw now. It’s not been all been …


Shop Update

We’ve got some new goodies in the shop The I Love Black Cats image was so popular, we just had to make it into a badge and a magnet. We also had a few others made up and they’re all super cute. You can get the magnets here and the badges here.