This cat was tricky! Doodlecats heads are ovals so when side on, it loses something and doesn’t look right. I started drawing from a reference photo of a cat leaping but then I had to go back and change things to make it more Doodlecatty.


I’m playing around with cat drawings, trying to make the cats do more. It’s hard because sometimes the Doodlecatsness gets lost in the detail so I have to work out how to find a balance between getting the cat right but also keeping the Doodlecats style.

Where I work

Hands up who likes being nosey. Me! I thought you might be too 🙂 I had a new desk delivered yesterday which Daz and I had the fun of assembling (trusty Ikea) so that we have more room to pack parcels. It prompted a big tidy up of my office and organising of my space. …


Review: Cat Lady Box

Cat Lady Box is a subscription box for, you guessed it, cat ladies. Never one to deny my cat lady status I was super happy when Dorian at Cat Lady Box sent me one to try. The box has a great selection for me and my kitties. There was a beautiful scarf which is perfect …


New Notepads and Envelopes

Notepads have always been a bestseller at Doodlecats. This time we decided to make a slightly bigger one. It’s as tall as the usual list pads but wider. This makes it perfect for using to write letters. In a digital age, receiving a letter is always extra nice. We have also added the option of …