New T-shirt Shop

I know lots of you love t-shirts but it’s always been difficult for me to get the right sizes and styles to please everyone. I’ve decided to open a Spreadshirt shop so you can buy my tees from there. There’s a great selection of sizes, styles and colours which I hope will please everyone. I …


New Enamel Necklaces

After the success of our enamel pins we have now got enamel necklaces. Lots of people have requested black cat jewellery in the past and purple is always a popular colour with cat ladies so we’ve gone for two versions – black and purple. Molly is very happy that we now represent her in the …


Purrfect Box – Review

The lovely folks at Purrfect Box sent us one of their monthly boxes of cat goodies. Molly was very enthusiastic and had her head stuck in within moments of me opening it for them. The box contains a great selection of treats and toys for the kitties. It’s always fun opening parcels, even when the …


Cat Tower

When we were on holiday I really needed a bookmark for my book about Vikings. I usually use a kindle so hadn’t thought of doing them before. I know lots of people still use paper books so it’s about time I designed a bookmark. I also thought I’d show the colouring process of my doodles.

Molly Day!

A year ago today, a week after we met her, we brought Molly home with us. Molly came from Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary. The week between first meeting her and bringing her home seemed like the longest ever! I was *so* excited. It barely took her a minute to make herself at home and start …