Santa has been early this year.


We are going away at Christmas to spend time with my family so Santa was kind enough to bring the cats their gift early.

The tree is from ZooPlus and for the price it is really good (£59). I have to say there are a few little cosmetic problems with the wooden surfaces so I can’t recommend it 100% if you’re looking for something super fancy. That said, it is a really sturdy great tree and the cats started using it before we’d even finished building it. They love the height (Pixie especially) and they’ve all had a good scratch at the posts.

Molly is being cheeky and telling Arty she won’t share.

You can’t stay there Arty


– Arty, I’m afraid you can’t stay in there.
- Why? I thought it was our Christmas present?
– It was but it got broken in transit so we have to send it back.
- But I want this one.
– The new one will be just the same, except not broken. We can put it up in the living room and you can sit in it and watch the birds out of the window.
- I’m not moving.
– If you don’t get out you’ll get posted back to the shop.
- Oh.
– How about I carry you to your heated bed?
- Hmm OK. You know what would be great? If you put the heated bed in the new one when it arrives.

Good Molly


– Hey Molly, I’m really impressed with you!
- Why?
– The Christmas tree is still standing with all its decorations still on it.
- Well what did you expect?
– Total and utter destruction.
- I’m a good cat, I wouldn’t dream of destroying anything.
– Who are you and what have you done with the real Molly?
- I’m Molly and I’m good! Make sure Santa knows that, I want my tuna.

The tree is up!

How long until it’s down?!

- Wow, why’s there a tree in the house?
– It’s a Christmas tree Molly and you must not play on it or steal the decorations.
- You’re kidding right?
– Nope, the tree isn’t for you, it’s just to look pretty.
- I’ll look pretty whilst I destroy it.
– Nope, you’ll be good and leave it alone.
- You really don’t know me do you?

Toys for the Holly Hedge Cats



– Ooh are these toys for us?

– No Pix and Molly, they’re not. They’re for the cats at Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary
- Why are we sending toys to them?
– Well, the kind people at Cleo Pet sent us lots and lots of toy mice and I thought that it would be nice to send them on to the cats at Holly Hedge for Christmas. That’s where you’re from Molly.
- Do you know what they’d like more than toys?
– What’s that Molly?
- Nice people to adopt them and give them homes like you did for me.
– That’s very true.
- So we can keep the toys then?
– No, they get the toys and hopefully new homes too.