Cat Tower

When we were on holiday I really needed a bookmark for my book about Vikings. I usually use a kindle so hadn’t thought of doing them before. I know lots of people still use paper books so it’s about time I designed a bookmark. I also thought I’d show the colouring process of my doodles.

Molly Day!

A year ago today, a week after we met her, we brought Molly home with us. Molly came from Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary. The week between first meeting her and bringing her home seemed like the longest ever! I was *so* excited. It barely took her a minute to make herself at home and start …


Night Hugs

The cats don’t wake me up in the night because they want food, just hugs grin emoticon Pixie can be very insistent though and I have spiky marks on my face where she didn’t think I was cuddling her enough in the the night.

Cushion Covers

I am so excited about the new product I’ve introduced to the shop. I have been wanting to do cushions for a long time but only just got round to it this year. Hopefully it’s the first of many designs I have printed on cushions, I have lots of ideas. Head over to the shop …


Arty, the Not-So-Lazy-Cat

– Hey Arty, it’s a nice surprise having you here helping me work. – I’m keeping an eye on you, making sure you’re not telling lies about me. – Why would I lie about you? – I’ve seen what you put on the internet, that I’m lazy and don’t do any work. – Well you …


Vet time

– Why are you grumpy Pix? – You know why. – Pixie, I had to take you to the vets, it’s for your own good. – I don’t feel good. I had to go in a carrier, I saw a dog and I got prodded by a vet. – It’s all for the best, I …


Applaws – Review

When Applaws contacted me to offer a hamper of food to the cats I didn’t hesitate to say yes. We hadn’t fed our cats Applaws food before but I had heard of how great it was and I was sure the cats would be happy to try it out. We’ve always been keen to feed …