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My drawing process

Making of pirate cat - Doodlecats

I get asked lots of questions about how I make my pictures so I thought I’d show you a glimpse of the process I go through.

All my drawings start out as a pencil sketch. This often takes the longest as I draw a few versions, work out how I want things and usually get a lot wrong before I get it right.

Next, I ink my work, for this one I used an Edding 1800 profipen 0.3. Once the ink is done I scan or photo the image and if necessary tidy up my ink work in Photoshop.

Next I import the drawing into Adobe Illustrator and get to work on the lines and shading. I like shading first as it brings the drawing to life. Finally the colours is added. There are lots of tutorials on using Illustrator out there if you want to learn.

Here’s the final image.
Pirate Cat - Doodlecats

Inside My Sketchbook

Some more of these pencil sketches I draw but never really know what to do with.

This one was inspired by the first few days Pixie and I spent together. She was so scared of people that she just hid underneath a chest of drawers. I sat and read to her so that she would get used to the sound of my voice. Slowly but surely she came out from hiding and we’ve been best friends since.
Reading together

Best Friends

Inside My Sketchbook

I am always drawing but not everything makes it online, in fact a huge percentage of it just stays in my sketchbook, never to be seen. I thought it might be nice to share some of what I draw that usually get forgotten about in old sketchbooks. This is what I worked on last night.




I just finished yet another sketchbook, I get through one every month or two. I’ve got so many I’m going to need new shelves. It’s nice flicking back through the pages and seeing what I’ve done. Lots of the pictures have made it onto my website or Facebook page once they’ve been scanned and digitally coloured etc but there are many that never make it that far. I thought I share with you some of the pages. I might do this every time I finish another sketchbook.

I drew this when I was dying my hair and Pixie was looking at me strangely as I had clingfilm on my head.