Halloween Bunting

It’s October and halloween is on the way so I thought I’d made some decorations for my office. I used a pack of Spooky Postcards, some black ribbon and a stapler. The ribbon needs to be a couple of feet longer than the space you want the bunting to hang in so that you can …


Pokemon Cats

I’ve been playing a lot of Pokemon Go so it was only natural that I started drawing Pokemon… as cats (of course). Here are the ones I’ve drawn so far but I am sure there will be many more as they are so much fun! It’s super easy to catch a Cat Pokemon, just put …


Cats of Anarchy

I’ve just started watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix (I know, I’m late to the party!) and every time I see the logo all I can think of is a cat version – so I had to draw it. You can now get it on t-shirts and hoodies etc, yey! Head over to the Doodlecats …


Five Years!!

So this week marks five years since I started Doodlecats. It’s amazing how much has changed in all those years. It all started out with a few little stick drawings of cats which have developed over the years. As you can see, they’re quite different to what I draw now. It’s not been all been …


Your Cat Magazine

Notice anyone familiar in this month’s Your Cat Magazine? They were kind enough to feature Doodlecats this month – how exciting! I love this magazine, I’m always keen to get to the shopping pages to see what cat goodies I’ve not already got!

Feline Fun!!

Our brand new range is here! The design include three little cats and some of the things they love on a funky blue background. There’s a lot to choose from, including notebooks, pens, pencil cases and sticky notes. Head over to the shop to see more.


This cat was tricky! Doodlecats heads are ovals so when side on, it loses something and doesn’t look right. I started drawing from a reference photo of a cat leaping but then I had to go back and change things to make it more Doodlecatty.

Where I work

Hands up who likes being nosey. Me! I thought you might be too 🙂 I had a new desk delivered yesterday which Daz and I had the fun of assembling (trusty Ikea) so that we have more room to pack parcels. It prompted a big tidy up of my office and organising of my space. …


New T-shirt Shop

I know lots of you love t-shirts but it’s always been difficult for me to get the right sizes and styles to please everyone. I’ve decided to open a Spreadshirt shop so you can buy my tees from there. There’s a great selection of sizes, styles and colours which I hope will please everyone. I …



At the beginning of July we went away for a week with my parents to South Devon. It was the mostly lovely relaxing week and we had a wonderful time. We stayed in a house that overlooked the sea and it was perfect for watching the boats and birds and listening to the waves. Daz …


ME Awareness Day

May 12th is ME awareness day. Myalgic Encephalopathy, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, is a life changing illness that sadly too many people suffer from. This day hopes to increase awareness and understanding of the condition. I wanted to write a proper blog post about this but as I spent time this morning designing …


New Chickens!

We’ve only had our one chicken Dorothy for a while now, since her friends passed away. They were all battery hens which we adopted and not all of them live very long due to the stressful start in life. We decided it was time to get her some friends! Meet Audrey and Margo 😀 We …


Christmas gift ideas

I am sure lots of you are doing your Christmas shopping with Doodlecats (thank you) but if you’re looking for some more ideas I thought I would share some of the great things my friends make. RCTees print lovely t-shirts (including a Doodlecats special!) Daz has had this tee for years and it’s still as …