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Laurel Burch

I think that Laurel Burch might be my most favourite artist of all time. Not only did she paint cats but her use of colour was just amazing. There is something magical and wonderful about her artwork. It is full of life and a real joy to see.


I recently treated myself to a new Laurel Burch bag, it’s beautiful!

Laurel Burch Cat Bag available from Amazon


Unfortunately Laurel died in 2007 but her artwork lives on and her daughter continues to promote her work. Check out her website, especially the Fantastic Felines.

Extra Ordinary Comics

I love it when I come across a new web comic I like. This one is awesome! It’s not 100% about cats but there’s enough cute kitty antics to keep me happy. You should check it out

I’ll probably spend the rest of today browsing the archives for more funny stuff. EOComics are also on Facebook so you can keep up with the latest cute drawings there.




You can also download cool backgrounds for your computer, I like this one

Illustration Inspiration – Shaun Tan

This illustrator is very different to the others that I have shared with you on my blog in the past. I love the darkness, the depth, the quirky details and beautiful tones.


I got an Amazon voucher for my birthday a few weeks ago and I spent some of it on Shaun Tan books including Lost Thing and The Bird King. The books a works of art, the details are incredible and the stories funny.


I love pencil work, it’s the kind of drawing I love doing most but I always think it looks unfinished. Tan’s work definitely doesn’t have that problem. It’s beautiful.


There is lots more awesomeness on Shaun’s website

Illustration Inspiration – Alex Latimer

The Boy Who Cried Ninja is a great kids book with a new take on the boy who cried wolf. Changing wolves for ninjas can only improve a story! I love the illustrations, the colours aren’t the usual super saturated children’s book colours. The characters are great and the story is lovely too.

Alex Latimer creates great animal characters, you should check out his blog for more awesomeness!


Oliver Jeffers

I thought I’d share with you the work of another illustrator whose work I adore, Oliver Jeffers.

I love the simplicity of his illustrations, his use of space and making the most of double page spreads. These illustrations are from the book Lost and Found, the story of a boy and a penguin. It’s such a wonderful story that I bought the Lost and Found [DVD] which has been animated beautifully. You really should check out his other books.


It is seeing images like this that make me really want to learn to paint properly. It looks so simple but every time I try I get nothing like the magic that you see in Jeffers’ work. Maybe I should start with his tutorial on how to draw a penguin.

Illustration Inspiration – Tom Percival


I love discovering new illustrators who inspire me. I was browsing in Foyles yesterday and came across ‘A Home for Mr Tipps’ by Tom Percival which I instantly fell in love with. He’s probably more well-known for the Skulduggery Pleasant series which to be honest I’ve not really ever looked at. Being a sucker for any book with a cat on the cover I knew I had to check this one out. The story makes me think of our lovely Oscar, a poor little cat living at the end of a garden, by a bin, who takes a while to trust anyone but then becomes a happy little house cat.

I love it! The pictures are a really cool combination of photography and artwork which seem to work oh-so-well.


I was lucky enough to get a signed copy 😀

There’s also a super cute animation.

Cassandra Graus


I was watching Cats 101 which is a great show all about cats on Animal Planet. This week they featured an artist and as soon as I saw her work I knew I had to share it with you! You can check out the interview with her here.

I just love the way she paints the cats and what they get up to. They are so much fun! You can check out more of her work here

Simon’s Cat


I don’t think there’s anyone out there who hasn’t come across Simon’s Cat.
I still remember seeing the first video he did and I was totally in love with his style and watched it many many times. I think it’s still my favourite of them all.

I got his first book as soon as it came out and I might have to treat myself to the more recent one. Perfect coffee table book for cat lovers!

If you haven’t already, head on over to the Simon’s Cat Website and check out the films section. They are all awesome and definately worth a watch.