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New Cat Skirt – with added books!

If there is one thing I love nearly as much as cats, it’s books. My idea of a lovely quiet afternoon involves curling up with a good book, a cup of tea and a few cats.

When I saw this fabric I just had to have it. I love all the titles of the books.
The skirt did use a fancy sewing pattern, just a simple elastic waist (because I was being lazy!)

Cat Books Skirt

Cat Books Skirt

Cat Books Skirt

Cat Elbow Patches


I bought a new jumper on Friday and it wasn’t till after I bought it I realised it had elbow patches (I saw chunky purple jumper and just had to have it!)

Well you guys know me, I can’t help but add cats to things so I sewed a cat onto one of the elbows. It’s the first time I’ve embroidered anything and it’s a little messy but still cute. I used a special pen to draw the cat on, it disappears after a while leaving just the stitching showing.


I might do something different on the other elbow.

Elbow patches are cool

Buzzy Bee-Cat Bag

I was so happy with the purses that I made last week that I decided to work on a bag idea. This is one style I’m trying out, I’ve another idea too which is similar but more simple to sew. I think this one is a little deep (or narrow!) so back to the sewing machine :)

Buzzy Bee-cat bag

Buzzy Bee-cat bag

Buzzy Bee-cat bag

Arty’s Wine Box Cat Bed


I got a wine box for £5 last week for Arty. He loved it straight away but it was a bit deep as he likes to rest his chin on the side. With a bit of foam and a pillow case I’ve transformed it into something a lot more comfy and a better depth.

I got the foam cut to size, it cost about £3. It’s 5mm smaller than the inner dimensions of the box which seems the perfect size to allow for fabric etc. The pillow case was from a charity shop for a few pence.
Wine Box Cat Bed

All I did was put the foam in the pillow case, tucked the edges in and put it in the box. No need for any sewing!!

Arty loves it. He likes boxes that are on the small size so he is a snug fit.

Chair Makeover


You will have seen yesterday that the chair in my office is really boring. It’s the cheapest office chair Ikea do and is a very dull grey colour. I can’t really complain seeing as it was only £12.99.

The back rest has two main pieces that are just pushed together so it’s easy to open it up to reveal how the fabric is fastened on. It’s just a flat piece of fabric with a string around the edge that has been tied tight to hold it in place.

I took the fabric off, flattened it out and used it as a template to cut out cat fabric. I simply stitched the cat fabric onto the original chair fabric, making sure to not go too close to the edge to interfere with the draw string.

Then I just put the fabric back onto the plastic and foam back-rest and tied it back up.

The back of the back-rest just pops back in with a bit of pressure and seals in the edges of the fabric.

It’s that simple, it took about ten minutes.

The seat of the chair is covered in much the same way so once I’ve got some more fabric I’ll cover that too. A once boring grey chair is now a cool cat chair.

Crochet Cat Ears


When I redye my hair, my hairline always looks awful for a few days because my scalp is as pink as my hair. I thought I’d make a hairband to conceal it until the dye has washed out of my skin. Being me, I’m totally incapable of making something that isn’t cat related so I put ears on it. It was so difficult taking photos – winter sun makes me squint so much (and Arty)!


Pencil Roll


The pencil-case I made a while ago is looking a little tatty and I felt like a change. I decided to make a roll instead of a pouch this time. I padded it with a layer of fleece fabric inside to protect my precious pencils.


I found the fabric whilst browsing eBay. It’s great for buying fat quarters of funky cat fabric.

(The brushes are erasers with a brush on the end to brush away the rubbings not paintbrushes incase you were wondering why they were in a pencil-case)

Catnip Fish

Even the kitties are getting handmade goodies this year. I used some scraps of felt to make the fish shapes and stuffed them with dried homegrown catnip. I used a simple blanket stitch around the edges. So simple, cheap and very popular with the cats. They all tried to help me make them.


I made four. One for each of our cats and one for Poppy, Daz’s mum’s cat.

Cat Ears Tutorial

I made these cat ears to wear whilst I’m working on my stall, the kids love them (which gets the parents and their money over to my stall :D)

You’ll need fur fabric, felt, a hair band, glue and a needle and thread.

Cut two triangles of fur fabric for each ear, about half an inch bigger than you want the ears. Make sure the pile on the fur is going downwards towards the base of the ears.

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Cat Hair Band Tutorial


You will need: Felt (two colours), paper, thread, a hair band and some glue.

Create a cat head template with paper and then use it to cut out two pieces of felt. Cut two triangles out of the other colour felt for the tabby markings.
20111101-DSC_8595 20111101-DSC_8596

Stitch the triangles on to one of the cat head shapes and then add a nose and mouth.
20111101-DSC_8598 20111101-DSC_8600

Take the other cat head shape and glue it onto the underside of the hair band. I used a hot glue gun but I’m sure other glues would work.
20111101-DSC_8601 20111101-DSC_8603

Using blanket stitch, sew the piece with the face on, onto the felt with the hairband in between.


If you try this, I’d love to see your results.