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Verdo Cat Litter – Win a years supply!!

Verdo 1

Cat litter trays has to be one of the very few things about cat ownership (who am I kidding they own us) that isn’t great. For lots of people just the concept of having a box in which they pee and poop is pretty yuk. It’s one of the things we have to accept though if we’re going to have these adorable little creatures in our lives.

It took a long time for us to find a litter that all three of our cats are happy to use. Arty is the most fussy and once when a brand changed their recipe he stopped using the litter tray and developed a life threatening FLUTD. On our quest for the perfect litter we tried everything from clumping to crystals, paper pellets to chick crumbs (seriously!).

Finally we settled on wood pellets so when Verdo offered to send me some of their wood pellet litter to review I was happy to.
There are lots of things I like about wood pellets over other litters.

    Firstly the smell – this is a huge factor if you want to live in a home that doesn’t stink of cat pee! The natural smell of the wood pellets combined with its absorbency means that you don’t get stinky trays.
    Secondly – you don’t need much. With other litters you really have to fill the tray with a deep layer. Wood pellets expand so you only need to put a little bit in and it will expand when wet.
    Thirdly – it’s better for the environment. You can compost the litter or put it in your green bin for disposal.
    Fourthly – It’s not heavy (well compared to clay litter especially, I can’t carry that stuff!)

Verdo is great as you can order online and delivery is included so you don’t have to carry a heavy bag back from the shops with you. The price is really competitive too, it costs the same as the other similar litters that we’ve tried. The other great thing about them is that they donate to Cats Protection, my favourite charity! For more information, check out the Verdo Website.

You can win a year supply of Verdo Cat Litter, just leave a comment on this blog post to enter. Sorry to overseas people, you have to live in the UK for this one. Entries close on the 21st December. One name will be drawn at random.

verdo 2

Thanks for all the entries, the winner is Kat Humble!!