Cat Elbow Patches


I bought a new jumper on Friday and it wasn’t till after I bought it I realised it had elbow patches (I saw chunky purple jumper and just had to have it!)

Well you guys know me, I can’t help but add cats to things so I sewed a cat onto one of the elbows. It’s the first time I’ve embroidered anything and it’s a little messy but still cute. I used a special pen to draw the cat on, it disappears after a while leaving just the stitching showing.


I might do something different on the other elbow.

Elbow patches are cool

4 thoughts on “Cat Elbow Patches

  1. Irais

    Awww.. this is so cute! I saw a pic on it on FB and I thought that actually you were selling sweaters with patches!!! You should!!! :)

  2. Gale

    Wonderful use of elbow patches! Looking forward to see what’s next on the jumper — maybe a skein of yarn for the kitty to chase after! >^.^<


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